5 Music Blogs Where You Submit Your Music And Make Posts About Your Music Brand


Music blog posting can create a lot of opportunities for artists. Having your music on popular music blogs can create new connections for you. But most importantly, you will gain popularity and a new audience in a short period. Below you will find five music blogs where you can submit your music.

Promote Your Music and Releases with the Help of “Artist Push”

Through the years Artist Push tried to create a platform where rising artists will have opportunities to promote their music. Artist Push created services that will help artists make the most out of the music industry’s advantages.

Firstly you can promote your blog posts with the help of our blog placement and submission. Through blog posts, you can present to your audience anything you want in regards to your music. For example, tell them about your new releases or upcoming concerts. If you have a video on YouTube, you can include it in your blog post as well. If it corresponds to the form of a blog, the Artist push will include it in the blog.

The professionals of Artist Push know everything about SEO. We understand how important is SEO for every successful blog. As an artist, you can be sure that your blog post will be SEO friendly and will have its position on Google search.

“Little Indie Blogs” Can Be a Great Start for Young Artists

The website of Little Indie Blog is being updated very often. So if you have a good song, then try to submit to Little Indie Blogs. We advise you to read all their guidelines carefully before submitting them. It is important not to face any consequences later. On their website, you will find all the useful information about guidelines.

Reach “Louder Than War” for Soft Guidelines Before Submission

Louder Than War always provides fresh articles, news, and reviews about the industry. Mostly there are included reviews for rock, alternative, and punk rock genres. There is also a particular guideline that you should be aware of before submitting, but it is not scary. They will require a description of the sound and a link to your music.

“A&R Factory” Can Consult You in Developing Your Career

Besides being a music review blog, A&R Factory provides packages for young artists to develop their careers. Before hiring them, we would recommend you to do research and read some reviews about them. We are aware that they update their blog regularly to post fresh content.

Reach “Gorilla vs. Bear” for Visual and Text Content

The most significant advantage of Gorilla vs. Bear is that they don’t focus on one specific genre. It is a very popular website, and it is good to be included there as a beginner artist. They don’t have any particular guidelines for submission. They update their website with visuals like video and photo, and texts.

Always Conduct a Research and Find the Best Option for You

For every artist, there is a different option, which will help to gain the most benefits. So explore and find the best option for you. Submit your music and start to create your music brand.

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