7 Essential Tips for Back Surgery Preparations


If it has happened to you that you have to undergo spine surgery when managing neck or back pain, a lot might be going on in your mind, including how to prepare for the procedure. However, Dhruv B. Pateder, MD, a spinal surgeon in Reston, VA, at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, can help you. After your diagnosis and you are approved to undergo surgery, Dr. Pateder will send you home with special instructions to prepare for your surgery. Additionally, here are seven essential tips to help you prepare for your back surgery.

  1.     Quit Smoking as Early as possible

Smoking has numerous effects on surgical procedures as it can slow down the healing process, which can cause wound complications after the procedure. Therefore, it is vital to stop smoking in advance to improve your odds of successful back surgery. If it becomes difficult for you, you can always seek help from your provider who will direct you accordingly and connect you to someone or someplace where you can be helped.

  1.     List Your Medications and Supplements

During your consultation appointment, ensure you list all your medications and supplements and discuss them with your provider. You might be required to suspend taking some of the substances in advance, particularly those that can interfere with healing after your procedure. Your provider will also tell you which substances you can safely continue using and prescribe others in advance.

  1.     Improve Your Diet

During this time, you will require to eat a healthy diet and try to get plenty of fiber and the vitamins and micronutrients that will aid in the healing process after your surgery. You can invest in proteins and fresh vegetables and fruits to improve your odds of good recovery and results. You can avoid processed foods and those with high-fat concentrations.

  1.     Consider Moving Your Bed

After your back surgery, you might be restricted from climbing and descending stairs. Therefore, it is essential to move your bed downstairs to ensure that you will meet the requirements of avoiding going up and downstairs. This will reduce the risks that could jeopardize your recovery and results.

  1.     Adjust Your Kitchen

Depending on your provider’s special instructions on preparations, it is vital to prepare your kitchen and rearrange it in a way it shall favor you after the procedure. Note that it might not be recommendable to engage in anything that will encourage twisting, bending, or lifting. This means that you will not prepare your meal as usual and you have to make some adjustments.

  1.     Educate Yourself About the Procedure

This is vital in fighting anxiety and fears as you go for the procedure. You can ask your provider any question during your consultation appointment to get enlightened more about the process. Additionally, you can read up on back surgery procedures to ensure you get all the information and know what to expect on your appointment day from anesthesia to the recovery room.

  1.     Involve Your Family Members and Friends

Immediately after your procedure, you might need the help of your loved ones. You will require someone to drive you home, and you can make the arrangements in advance before your treatment. Besides, you will not be able to get around well, and you will need someone to do it for you, like picking up the prescriptions, preparing meals, or doing other activities before you get back to helping yourself.

Preparations before back surgery are critical to the success of the entire treatment of your condition. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact Town Center Orthopaedic Associates to book a consultation appointment and learn how to prepare for your procedure.

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