A Detailed Guide to Porcelain Crowns


We all want to have a beautiful smile. However, it may take some time and a few adjustments to get what you want. Dental crowns, also known as dental or tooth caps, can add the glitter you want. The best part is that the transformation is relatively easy. When you visit a Novi porcelain crowns specialist, they will take impressions of your tooth and customize a porcelain cap before adhering it to your tooth. They are permanent prosthetics, so they are cemented to your tooth permanently. While you may need a dental crown for different reasons, it mostly comes in handy if you have a damaged tooth that you want to conceal.

What Are They?

Porcelain crowns are a solution if you have damaged teeth. They are customized for your teeth to make a perfect fit that can help restore your tooth to its original size, function, and strength. They are viewed as the top solution if you need to strengthen and protect a tooth that you cannot repair using tooth fillings or other dental treatments.

Porcelain crowns are made from porcelain that imitates the original color of your teeth, so they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth for more aesthetically appealing results. It requires minimal preparation, so you do not have to worry about losing the rest of your natural tooth.

When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a great solution if you have fractured, decayed, or broken teeth. You may also find them helpful if you have cracked fillings, root-filled teeth, or large fillings. In some cases, you may decide to get porcelain fillings for cosmetic purposes. If you have a tooth that causes pain, either physically or mentally (due to its appearance), you should find a dentist specializing in porcelain crowns as soon as possible.

Usually, your dentist will use bite-wing X-rays or radiographs to determine your dental crowns’ perfect shape and size.

How Much Do Porcelain Crowns Cost?

The cost of porcelain crowns varies depending on the condition of your teeth and your location. In some parts, you may find more affordable rates with health funds covering part of the cost. Make sure you check with your dentist before committing to the treatment. The tooth’s location, size, and severity of damage to the tooth and neighboring teeth affect the cost.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

The natural appearance of porcelain crowns is one of the main benefits. They imitate your natural teeth’ size, shape, and color, so people can hardly notice a difference. Since porcelain crowns are made from a ceramic mixture, they are molded to suit the condition of your original tooth. They also help save the natural tooth structure and improve the bite. Additionally, you do not have to worry about allergies, as is the case with metal crowns.

In summary, porcelain crowns are high-grade ceramic composites that look exactly like your natural teeth. You need them if you have damaged teeth or fillings. The cost of porcelain crowns varies depending on your location and severity of damage to the affected tooth and neighboring dental structures. It offers different benefits, including naturalizing your original teeth in terms of color, shape, and size.

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