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Life is not usually a straight line. Many are the times we will lose our way through life’s challenging situations that shake our faith and hope, including everything we presumed life to be about. When we face challenges in life, we try to find ways and solutions on how to overcome them. But sometimes, we do not respond appropriately to these challenges; instead, we find easy ways to help us cope with the situation, including substance abuse. And when we can’t find a way out of our difficult moments, we bury ourselves in thoughts and fall into depression. During these times, having someone to walk with and lean on can be helpful. Genesis New Beginning offers you something to hold on to even when it seems like it’s the end of it. The Huntington Beach eating disorder specialists specializes in offering mental health services to help restore your behavior and improve your life.

Genesis New Beginning a health practice committed to helping people recover from their most profound life challenges through quality and effective treatments. Located in Huntington Beach, California, they provide comprehensive care to all their patients to improve their lives. Their highly skilled team comprises medical doctors, family nurse practitioners, psychologists, licensed clinicians, psychiatrists, and a few social workers who all focus on helping patients who need extra hands to hold. Their services are so efficient, with each patient getting a team of five professionals. They include a nurse, a case manager, a licensed clinician, a medical provider, and a psychiatric provider. Their goal is to see their patients progress in achieving their treatment goals.

The practice is a full-service clinic, but they mainly focus on mental health/psychiatric care. The psychiatric team is available for walk-ins and new patients, and they are also available on evenings and weekends to cater to those with busy schedules. To add to their psychiatric services, they offer basic primary care and urgent care services. They also offer a small substance abuse program run by the entire team. Genesis New Beginning offers groups for substance abuse and mental health once a week for one and a half hours. During group time, the team focuses on medication management, physical diseases, STD’s, anatomy, among others. Their offices are clean, comfortable, and welcoming, giving patients a relaxing environment. They offer mental health, psychiatric, primary care, substance abuse, and outpatient detox services, among others.

Genesis New Beginning is a psychologist and therapist practice located in Orange County, Huntington Beach, California, to help patients with mental health issues and substance abuse problems live quality lives. The facility has a team of educated, experienced, and highly skilled doctors, psychologists, nurses, clinicians, and case managers to offer patients personalized care and treatments to help them recover from their problems. They are caring and compassionate, always ready to offer help and a hand to their patients. They also have groups for mental health patients and substance abuse every week to form their treatment method. They also offer various physical therapies to help people heal faster and regain their wellbeing. Visit them in Huntington Beach, California, for care with a difference.





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