Benefits of Physical Therapy in Albany


Physical therapy is a conservative approach for treating medical conditions such as arthritis or injuries that limit your movement. Your primary physician will refer you to a physical therapist in the initial stage itself. Physical therapists help you manage pain, manage chronic (long-term) conditions, avoid surgery, maximize your movement, and recover from injury. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of Albany physical therapy

Pain management

Physical therapy helps you get rid of pain and restores joint and muscle functions. Various modalities such as ultrasound, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), and taping minimize or eliminate the pain.

Prevents surgery

Physical therapy heals your injury and reduces pain, thus decreasing the chances of surgery. Even if you have to undergo surgery, pre-surgery therapy sessions help to decrease the need for an aggressive form of surgery. 


Strengthening exercises and stretchings restore function and allow mobility. If you have difficulty walking, sitting, standing, or running, physical therapy will help you irrespective of your age.  

Stroke recovery

A stroke is a medical emergency in which your brain’s blood supply gets interrupted, and brain cells start dying. It can cause paralysis, numbness, pain, and memory loss. The doctor provides preliminary treatment, and once you become entirely stable, your doctor will refer you to a physical therapist to correct the gait and strengthen the weakened part. Therapy can help you do the usual routine tasks like bathing, toileting, and walking without assistance.

Recovery from a sports injury

If you are a sportsperson, returning to the game after injury becomes your prime goal. A physical therapist can help you reach that goal easily by healing your sports injury with minimal or no loss of movement. 

Sorts age-related issues

With advancing age, your bones become weak, and various age-related issues come up, such as arthritis, joint replacement, and osteoporosis. Physical therapy helps you deal with these issues without any complications.

Manage women’s health

PT treats specific health problems related to pregnancy and postpartum care. Apart from this, it can also treat various other issues like pelvic pain and fibromyalgia.  

Managing respiratory conditions

Physical therapy improves the condition of respiratory conditions by conditioning, strengthening, and breathing exercise. These exercises and modalities help to remove fluid from the patient’s lungs.


There are many therapists, so choosing one could be difficult for you. So, you can ask your primary physician to recommend a physical therapist for you.

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