Best BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy Specialist in Lafayette


Hormones act as messengers in your body, interacting with cells and organs to stimulate actions and form a central regulatory system. Several factors, such as menopause in women, can cause hormonal imbalances resulting in health complications as side effects. Bio-identical Hormone Pellet therapy is a procedure that manages hormone balancing and therefore correcting other issues related to the hormones.

In Lafayette, BioTE hormone pellet therapy is offered at Vibrant Woman Health Center by Dr. Patricia Nevils, MD. It would be best not to suffer symptoms from menopause transition when there is a way to give you a comfortable change. Dr. Nevils received training from a BioTE expert and has acquired excellent knowhow on hormone replacement through extensive studies.

If you are experiencing symptoms that disrupt your life, you should seek BioTE hormone therapy from the best experts such as Dr. Nevils. The treatment is a plant-based pellet that is inserted underneath the skin and causes a constant release of hormones. It helps to relieve the symptoms that result from hormonal imbalance.

Why BioTE

Your hormone levels decrease with age naturally.  In women, menopause is a stage that affects hormone balance and may result in symptoms that disrupt your life. Such symptoms include excessive acne, irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal atrophy and dryness, and hirsutism. You should consult with Dr. Nevils about your examination results so that BioTE recommendations can be done accordingly.

Before any procedure, Dr. Nevils carries out a hormone imbalance test to determine the best pellets suitable for you. It should be applied depending on your metabolism and lifestyle. Different pellets are also designed for different conditions. Through this customization, you should be sure that the procedure is effective and produces a natural and safe hormone balance. 

BioTE is administered easily but with professionalism by Dr. Nevils, by making a small incision on your hip where pellets are placed. The pellets are tiny and rice-sized and contain identical hormones to that of a healthy body. This procedure has relatively low side effects compared to other hormone administering procedures, such as oral medication.


Dr. Nevils monitors you throughout the BioTE to ensure you enjoy results within 2-4 weeks. To some, it may take up to 6 months to enjoy optimal benefits, and the best follow-up treatments are carried out to ensure consistency. Dr. Nevils will also guide you in adjusting your lifestyle as it helps in easing the symptoms.

After the therapy by Dr. Nevils, you can expect increased energy, memory, and clarity. Your sex drive is improved, and your menopausal symptoms are relieved. Other expected results include renewed sleep patterns, reduced anxiety, irritability, and mood swings, reduced risk of osteoporosis, and a decrease in depression intensity. In general, the quality of your life is improved, and you feel young and happier again.

The first step towards achieving excellent BioTE results is choosing the best specialist. Dr. Nevils of Vibrant Woman Health Center is such, and you should book an appointment to learn how to balance your hormones to improve the quality of your life.

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