Children’s Orthodontics: Simplest Way of Safeguarding Your Child’s Oral Health


What is the best age for an initial orthodontic appointment? According to recent studies, orthodontics at a tender age is best for preventing oral health complications in later years. If you need children’s orthodontics in Brooklyn, contact Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics for a free initial appointment. Your child may benefit from kid-friendly orthodontic assessments and custom-tailored treatment recommended by Dr. Susan Liebman.

About Children’s Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics/children’s orthodontics are bite-correcting remedies administered to help youngsters with developing teeth and jaws. Children’s orthodontics gives your child a fully personalized treatment coinciding with their age and stage of development.

Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics is fully equipped to address various complications in your child’s oral needs. Dr. Liebman is fully certified and qualified to correct notorious conditions like open bite arising from the excessive sucking of the finger(s) or thumb(s) in childhood.

When to Commence Orthodontic Treatments

The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that the first orthodontic consultation should be at six or seven. At the initial consultation, Dr. Liebman offers custom braces for soft teeth and bone tissue while still easy to manipulate.

Based on your child’s development and oral needs, Dr. Liebman may recommend your next appointment sooner or between nine and sixteen years. She uses the initial consultation to draft a treatment plan for the desired outcome.

Orthodontic Treatments at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics

Youngsters are entitled to different treatment options. D. Liebman considers your child’s dental needs to determine their eligibility for metal braces, Invisalign® First, palate expanders, habit-breaking appliances, or headgear.

· Headgear

Depending on your child’s dental orientation, Dr. Liebman may recommend headgear worn at night to push the front teeth back for stronger bites and healthier smiles.

· Palate expanders

In the case of crossbites, your child may qualify for palate expanders. A palate expander fixes a crossbite by widening the palate (roof of the mouth).

· Habit breaking appliances

Innocent habits like finger- or thumb-sucking habits create room for unpleasant complications like open bites. Dr. Liebman gives your child a specialized appliance to help your child move past the habit.

· Metal braces

For misaligned teeth, your child may benefit from custom-fit braces. Dr. Liebman offers comfortable and effective metal braces to improve the child’s smile and self-esteem. Ceramic braces are mostly reserved for adults that are more equipped to keep them safe.

· Invisalign® First

Invisalign First refers to a set of see-through aligners for children. Dr. Liebman uses digital impressions to facilitate the preparation of custom aligners for your child’s oral needs. Each aligner is easy to adjust and clean compared to braces. You don’t have to alter your child’s diet or oral health practices.

Other Services Offered at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics

Other than children’s orthodontics, you may visit the practice for:

§ Invisalign

§ Braces

§ Orthodontic consultation

§ Teeth straightening

§ Clear braces

§ Adult orthodontics

§ Retainers

Bottom Line

Children’s orthodontics helps you safeguard your child’s oral health from a tender age. Contact Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics to book an appointment for the initial or subsequent consultation.

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