Clear Up Your Sight and Brighten Your Look with Ptosis Specialists in Virginia


Persons of all ages can experience uncontrolled drooping of the eyelids, which interferes with vision while giving your face an aged, tired look. At Rostami OPC, oculofacial plastic surgeons Maryam Nazemzadeh, MD, and Soheila Rostami, MD, offer surgical solutions for ptosis in Reston, VA, and the neighboring communities. As experts in facial plastic surgery, these providers not only remove the skin from one’s drooping eyelids but also address the primary cause, which may be in the forehead or brow. Clear up your sight and brighten your appearance by scheduling a consultation with the ptosis specialists through mobile or use the online booking tool today.

What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis is the condition whereby the upper eyelid dangles over the eye. The drooping might be mild, giving one a hooded, tired look, or sometimes be severe enough that this lid covers your pupil, thus interfering with your vision. Adults are generally prone to ptosis because of the eyelid muscle’s weakness due to injury, aging, or particular eye surgeries.

A ptosis surgery serves the benefit of enhancing your vision, removing the ‘tired look’ from your eyes, and making you appear more alert. Some cases of this condition are not because of a weak eyelid but from lax, sagging skin and muscles in the brows and forehead. Dr. Nazemzadeh or Dr. Rostami offer patients an extensive evaluation of their eyelids and entire face before recommending ptosis surgery to ensure they develop the most suitable treatment plan for you.

What to Expect During Surgery?

Before surgery, your provider cross-checks your medical history, current health, and discusses your unique needs and goals. The provider comprehensively examines your face, looking out for all treatment avenues to offer you satisfactory, eye-opening results. They remove the dangling skin from your eyelid and conduct other procedures to help address your condition, such as forehead or brow lift.

In most cases, ptosis surgery offers extra support to your eyebrow muscle to raise the lids. To ensure patients relax and experience no discomfort during the procedures, they are provided with a mild IV sedation and numbing medication in the treatment areas. Because ptosis surgery is an outpatient treatment, patients can return home the same day.

How is the Recovery Period Following Ptosis Surgery?

Following surgery, patients might experience short-lived side effects such as light sensitivity, double vision, watering eyes, swelling, and bruising. Patients are advised to keep off strenuous activity for one week following surgery and avoid wearing contact lenses for no less than three weeks.

Patients are also offered a full postoperative care plan to help reduce any discomfort and prevent infection. During your follow-up appointments, your provider will also inform you when the right time is to resume your routine activities. Check out the gallery section on their website to see and learn more.

To sum up, the oculofacial plastic surgeons at Rostami OPC take a comprehensive approach to help patients clear up their vision and enhance their look. Men and women in Virginia and the surrounding areas can access safe, effective ptosis surgery procedures by booking an appointment at Rostami OPC through mobile or request online.

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