Comprehensive Surgical Dermatology Specialist in New York


Whenever you need a surgical dermatology service, it is essential you only put trust in a highly experienced and renowned cosmetic surgery specialist for safe and effective treatments. At Kentucky Skin Cancer Center, Dr. Robert Skaggs, MD, FAAD, is fellowship-trained and board-certified.

He specializes in Mohs surgery and dermatology and is well known for exceptional skin cancer surgical procedures. Dr. Skaggs specializes in several surgical dermatology procedures, such as cyst removal, skin excisions, mole removal, biopsies, etc. To get started, request an appointment with Franklin or Bowling Green surgical dermatology specialists by calling the office or booking online.

What is Electrodessication and Curettage?

With Electrodessication and Curettage, Dr. Skaggs numbs the treatment area and skin growth in preparation for scrapping the growth away. He then cauterizes (lightly burns) the treated area to halt bleeding. Electrodessication and Curettage are specially used on superficial cancers and skin growths. However, it isn’t effective on growth affecting deeper skin layers. 

What is Cryotherapy?

With Cryotherapy, Dr. Skaggs applies liquid nitrogen to the abnormal skin tissue. This liquid nitrogen freezes the growth, and it will eventually fall off. This treatment option is often used for skin tags, warts, and select precancerous skin growths.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is one of the most advanced medical techniques for microscopically controlled skin cancer removal. Dr. Skaggs first administers local anaesthesia, after which he removes a small portion of the cancer growth. He proceeds to observe it under a 3D microscope to observe the cancer cells.

Dr. Skaggs will incrementally remove these skin layers, and continuously observe each layer under a microscope until the skin sample no longer has existing cancer cells. This procedure is performed in-house.

Most conditions may call for 1-3 lab checks. Even though Mohs surgery will take some time, it is safe and effective. Statistics indicate that 99% of newly-discovered skin cancers and about 95-97% of returning cases are cured using this procedure. Dr Skaggs is fellowship-trained, and a reputable skin cancer specialist and Mohs surgeon, which makes him highly reliable.

What is Skin Excision?

In a standard skin excision, Dr. Skaggs will administer a local anaesthetic to the unusual skin growth before using a scalpel to remove it. Depending on the depth of excision and size of the skin growth, Dr. Skaggs will decide on whether to stitch you afterwards. Nevertheless, a skin excision might not be the best option if the mole or cyst is too large, hence cannot be cured with a simple removal.

What to Expect After A Surgical Dermatology Procedure?

At Kentucky Skin Cancer Center, many surgical dermatology treatments are minimally-invasive, hence no downtime is required. Dr. Skaggs emphasizes patient education on how to take care of the treated area. Some of the recommended actions include proper cleaning to enhance fast healing. If the pain after a procedure is significant Dr. Skaggs will recommend Tylenol or prescribe another pain reliever.

In conclusion, the surgical dermatology specialists at Kentucky Skin Cancer Center offer comprehensive and expert care. They even conduct patient follow-ups and will closely monitor your condition until full recovery. Visit the website or call to request an appointment today at the Kentucky Skin Cancer Center near you. 

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