Dealing with Crepey Skin


Aging and exposure to the sun can rob your skin of its vitality and youthful tone. Besides your skin developing wrinkles and starting to sag, it can develop a crepey appearance in sensitive and thin areas such as the chest and around the eyes. At Elysium SurgiSpa, Dr. Mick Singh and his team use modern equipment, combined with years of experience, to maintain your good looks. We understand that aging is inevitable and but we are ready to help you dial back the years. Below are ways through which we can help you deal with crepey skin.

Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is delicate, wrinkled, and has fine lines. If you have thin and sensitive skin, this effect will be more manifested, but the condition is more noticeable in the chest area and skin around your eyes. But what can cause crepey skin?

Exposure to the Sun

Exposure to the sun is a leading cause of aging skin. Your skin cells are broken down by ultraviolet rays of the sun, causing premature aging and weakness. Sensitive and highly exposed skin is the first to show signs of damage.

Loss of Support

Natural loss of elastin and collagen can also contribute to you having a crepey skin. The collagen and elastin are responsible for keeping your skin toned and elastic. When a woman reaches her 30’s, her skin starts to sag, but the effects become noticeable once she reaches menopause. During menopause, your body experiences a drastic decline in the level of hormones, making it hard for your skin to get the required nourishment to prevent the skin from sagging.

Strengthening Crepey Skin

Improved hydration of the skin using moisturizers can help deal with crepey skin. However, the short term benefits of doing this calls for the need to think of ways of how to rebuild all the layers of your skin, which leads to better, long-lasting results.

TempSure Envi

We have several procedures to help deal with crepey skin. First in our inventory is the TempSure Envi system, where radiofrequency energy is used to enhance collagen production for skin rejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment method delivers beams of heat energy into your skin cells to promote healing in the dermis. This procedure will last less than an hour, and you can expect to start seeing gradual results a few weeks after your treatment.

ProFractional Laser

We also have the ProFractional laser system to help you deal with crepey skin. Here, a matrix of tiny micro-injuries is created across your skin’s surface. Your body produces collagen in its effort to heal the mini injuries on the skin surface. The healing process causes an uplift on the whole surface, resulting in smoother and well-toned skin.

Are you afraid of spending time on the mirror admiring your face due to the lately acquired crepey appearance? Elysium SurgiSpa can help you bid goodbye to crepey skin using modern laser treatment equipment. Visit us today to learn more about the TempSure Envi system and ProFractional laser system.

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