Dental Implants in Woodbridge: Here’s an Overview for Patients


For the longest time, patients had to rely on dentures alone to replace lost or missing teeth. While dentures are affordable and still in use, dentists are now recommending dental implants as an alternative. If you are looking for Woodbridge dental implants, the first step is to find a reliable clinic that you can trust. In this post, we are sharing an overview of dental implants and things that patients need to know.

What Are Dental Implants?

In simple words, dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Made of titanium, these are placed surgically in the jawbone or above it. As the jawbone heals, the dental implants are secured in place and work as an anchor for replacement teeth. It is possible to use implants to support crowns and bridges too.

Should You Consider Dental Implants Over Dentures?

The answer depends on many factors. In general, people experience better comfort with dental implants when compared to dentures. Since the replacement teeth won’t move around in the mouth, eating and talking would be much easier. With dental implants in place, you can expect to enhance the appearance of your face, especially when you are missing multiple teeth. This could be a more expensive treatment option than dentures, but with basic care, you can expect dental implants to last a lifetime.

Other Key Pointers

It can take a while to get replacement teeth with dental implants. After an initial exam, your dentist will typically suggest a series of X-rays to understand the condition of your jawbone. Most people can get dental implants, but there are exceptions. Once the implants have been placed, the jawbone can take at least a few months to heal. After this, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth and order replacement teeth, crowns, or bridges (as needed). Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need extra care for dental implants, but you have to regularly check with your dentist and adhere to basic oral hygiene techniques.

Meet a Dentist

You have to meet a dentist to know if dental implants are right for your needs. In general, it is considered to be a safe and extremely successful procedure. If you have diabetes or are a heavy smoker, let your dentist know. A proficient dentist will explain what you can expect from the procedure, including the treatment plan and associated costs. Don’t shy away from discussing your concerns in person.

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