Did you know that you can Improve Your Beauty?


Having a nice looking body shows a healthy lifestyle. Being beautiful is a privilege since many people are attracted to you. Beautiful skin can improve your confidence and self-esteem. If you have non-recommendable skin, say no more to stress. Skin tightening, face reconstruction, and laser hair removal are services that can enhance your beauty. There are many factors that can result in facial damage like accidents, cuts, burns, and others. Aesthetic medical spa in Albuquerque is a health facility that improves your body appearance through cosmetic beauty services. Below are examples of the services they offer.

Major types of cosmetic-beauty service

There are many varieties of services that you can undergo to improve your beauty. These services are classified into two categories, which include surgical and non-surgical procedures. The major services include;

  • Skin tightening. Skin tightening is a non-surgical way of improving facial appearance. It can also be done to re-mode skin around your neck and abdomen. Loss of skin is caused by the malfunction of protein pigments found in the skin called collagens. Laser skin tightening used a device that emits beams of lights that are past over your skin to regenerate collagens responsible for tightening the skin. Other facial products can be applied to elevate your skin.
  • Laser hair removal. This technique is used to get rid of unwanted hair. You may have unwanted hair on your legs and chest. The doctor passes laser lights over your legs that destroy hair follicles. The laser light permanently removes the unwanted hair leaving your area of treatment smooth. Laser hair removal can be either in-office or out-office program bases.  
  • Face reconstruction. Face reconstruction is a surgical way to improve your facial appearance. Facial plastic surgery is done to get rid of the fine line, sagging skin, and wrinkle. A doctor does local anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain.  The doctor surgically removes the extra skin, and the remaining skin is attached around your ears and hairlines. Older adults are the major candidate for facial reconstruction. Medicine can also be injected into your skin to facilitate skin reconstruction.

It is important to maintain your facial appearance since it has health benefits.  Procedures for having facial plastic surgery are as follows.

Procedures of undergoing face enhance service and laser hair removal                                                           

First, the doctor will examine your overall health and diagnose the presence of other diseases. If you are a qualified candidate, the doctor will then schedule a treatment day. The doctor will then clean your face with disinfectant to prevent skin infection. Extra skin will be removed, and the remaining will be attached around your ears to cover the wound. Medication will be prescribed to relieve pain. The doctor will give you ways to wash your face and a sleeping strategy.

There are many ways you can improve your beauty. Skin tightening, laser hair removal, and facial plastic surgery are examples of techniques involved during facial cosmetic services. Some of these techniques regenerate protein pigments like collagens, which protects your skin from sagging. Freya’s Lair Medical Spa are experts in performing cosmetic skin services.


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