Do you know that Women are More Affected by Diseases than Men?


Diseases are conditions that affect the normal functioning of the body. Both men and women are affected by diseases, but women are more commonly affected than men. According to research, if women are not frequently diagnosed and examined, they can suffer severe diseases. Depression, anxiety, and Pregnancy-related complications affect most women due to lack of knowledge and support. An obstetrician-gynecologist offers support to a pregnant woman before and after delivery. OBGYN in Fairfax deals with the most disorders that affect women. The following are diseases that affect most women worldwide.

Most of the common diseases that affect women

There are various diseases that affect women severely if they are not addressed early. These diseases include;

  • Pregnancy-based complications. Complications during pregnancy may affect both the mother and the child. Some of these complications can be manifested during delivery. A woman may have developed these conditions before pregnancy hence appearing after getting pregnant. They include miscarriage, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes. These conditions are caused by smoking cigarettes, using illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, and getting pregnant at 35 and above.
  • Interstitial cystitis. This is a condition that affects the bladder resulting in pain and discomfort. The pelvic region is the most affected part. Symptoms may include frequent urination, feeling urgent urination, and feeling pelvic pressure.
  • Pelvic floor disorder. Pelvic floor disorder is a condition brought by sexually transmitted bacteria affecting the cervical muscles hence losing the ability to support the uterus and bowel from dropping. It involves the discharge of fluid with an unpleasant smell. It is recommended for women to undergo a diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases to prevent pelvic floor disorder.
  • Breast cancer. In the modern world, most women have breast cancer. This disorder affects the lining of the milk duct, and if not noticed earlier, it can become severe. Every woman needs to undergo breast cancer screening and treatment. Breast cancer can be caused by radiation exposure, obesity, genes heredity, and an increase in age. Symptoms may include rashes around the area of the nipples, discharge from the nipple, which is mainly with blood, a change in the size of the breast, and pain in the breast.

Below is the importance of women to undergo disease checkups.

The reason as to why women should undergo frequent examination

Women create excuses for why they may not visit a doctor for disease screening without knowing the dangers on their pathways. Protective care is the major reason for the examination. The doctor is capable of knowing the upcoming diseases hence offering treatment and management. Your physician will check the presence of STDs, which results in the loosening of cervical muscles. Another reason for the examination is for reproduction purposes. A healthy woman is in a better position of carrying pregnancy without complication, and the doctor may recommend some supplements for you for a healthy pregnancy. Other reasons include counseling, medical history, and other disease screening.

It is vital for every woman to know the overall well-being of her health status. An annual examination of diseases is essential. Conditions like breast cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, and pregnancy affect most women due to lack of knowledge, funds, and support. Capital Women’s Care offers both preventive and curative services to women.

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