Dr. James Lee of Brick City Orthopaedics


Everybody enjoys their favorite sports activities, but at times we get injuries when doing them. Some injuries can be fatal or have severe complications, thus medical attention is essential whenever an injury occurs. Brick City Orthopaedics is a health practice in Orange, New Jersey, specializing in providing patient-centered medical care for sports injuries, fractures, and joint replacement surgery. Dr. James M. Lee, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and works to restore and improve his patients’ quality of life. The West Orange rotator cuff specialist offers advanced and effective treatment options for joint injuries to help repair and heal the shoulder joint.

Dr. Lee has a lot of experience in sports medicine; in 2008-2015, he served as the director of sports medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. He works together with his patients to help develop effective treatment plans. Dr. James involves patients in their treatment options. Together with his patients, they develop a treatment plan that focuses on restoring range of motion, improving function, and enhancing the quality of patients’ lives.

With his years of experience, he uses the most advanced knowledge and diagnostic and treatment options to provide safe and effective quality medical care to his patients. The licensed orthopedic surgeon is compassionate about his patients and offers a holistic environment for them to feel comfortable receiving the treatment. He has a membership for various orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine groups that proves his competence and expertise. He ensures the whole well-being of his patients by addressing all their health needs and concerns. Brick City Orthopaedics offers services such as:

Hip replacement

Hip replacement procedure helps in reducing hip pain by replacing the hip joint with an artificial one. The skilled Dr. Lee is a hip replacement specialist and offers safe and effective treatment options in his plans to restore your health. Visit their office at West Orange, New Jersey, to learn more about his treatment options.

Sports medicine

Through his experience in sports medicine, he is passionate about working with athletes. He offers medical advice on physical fitness, injury prevention, and exercise medicine. His teamwork with athletes helps him develop health programs that help them manage their diet, weight, and training. Thus, it helps them remain fit, lower their injury risk, and improve their games. For quality and specialized sports medicine, visit the professional Dr. Lee today.

Platelet-rich plasma

The orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Lee of Brick City Orthopaedics, provides advanced innovative treatment options such as platelet-rich plasma. This treatment therapy uses concentrated blood plasma to help relieve and treat joint pain. Restore your physical health today by visiting them at their office in West Orange, New Jersey.

Brick City Orthopaedics ensures that you live your best athlete life through their specialized sports medicine services. Dr. Lee, Jr ensures that your athletic life is healthy and enjoyable by reducing the risks of injuries,providing healthy diet plans, and developing training procedures. With his high level of experience in sports medicine, he provides comprehensive and advanced medical care to his patients to heal and recover from their painful conditions and restore their health. Using innovative and advanced medical approaches, he can provide safe and effective treatment options to his patients. Visit their office at West Orange, New Jersey, today to receive their quality medical care and improve your life.

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