Effective Wound Management Treatments in Texas


Extensive, slow-healing wounds might result in adverse infections, which may put one at the risk of amputation, especially in persons with diabetes or poor blood circulation. Since wounds can gradually become ulcerated, the team of specialists at Calvary Urgent Care set out to provide the most comprehensive and effective wound care in Humble and the greater Texas community.

These wound care specialists offer integrative wound management treatments to help manage the infection and enhance healing. In case you have a wound that’s not healing, especially if it is on your lower extremities, schedule an evaluation today with Calvary Urgent Care through calling the office or using the online scheduling tool.

What is the significance of wound management?

The skin is the largest organ. Because your skin serves as the barrier between internal structures and outside elements, it is vital to maintain healthy skin to reduce any wounds or openings where foreign elements may enter. Although serious wounds may be present anywhere on one’s body, they are subject to more concern if they occur on one’s lower extremities.

Blood circulation in your feet and lower legs are more limited due to the effects of gravity. If you experience poor circulation because of aging, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, circulation is further affected.

Because of such problems, wounds may fail to close quickly, hence slowing down the healing process. When your wound is slow-healing, your body is exposed for an extended period, thus allowing the entry of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other organisms. Eventually, it can result in adverse infections, and sometimes gangrene or ulceration.

Wound management care is structured to address your condition early enough and get you started on medication as soon as the wound begins developing, regardless of how small it might appear. By doing so, you can avoid adverse complications.

What to expect with wound management?

Calvary Urgent Care strives to offer complete healing for your wounds by providing the most comfortable and effective treatments. At your appointment, your select provider will clean and evaluate your injury, after which they will develop a customized treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will be based on the severity of your wound.

The various treatment options include compression wrapping, regular irrigation, dry or wet dressing, pain relief, and topical antimicrobial ointments. Following treatment at Calvary Urgent Care, your specialist will take the time to educate you on how to care for your wound while at home and instruct you on how to change the wound dressing properly.

How long does wound management take?

The time taken to achieve complete wound healing varies from patient to patient, depending on how fast one heals. Your select specialists may recommend you schedule weekly appointments if your wound is extensively damaged or susceptible to ulceration, as is the case with diabetes patients.

Typically, the wound care specialists at Calvary Urgent Care will likely recommend at least one or two monthly evaluations until your wound fully heals. In case your wound conditions worsen – maybe it starts oozing, bleeding, or becomes extremely painful at times, get back to the clinic for an evaluation as quickly as possible.

The wound care specialists at Calvary Urgent Care provide the most effective wound management services. To learn more about their practice, request an evaluation online, or through calling the office. Calvary Urgent Care is also accepting walk-ins at the clinic’s convenient location in Humble, TX.

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