Eliminate Chronic Pain With Spinal Cord Stimulation Procedure


Chronic pain can remove comfort and delight from your life. In many cases, the pain never responds to intervention from your doctor; causing you to seek for something stronger to cope. Fortunately, Dr Hui Kang uses new techniques that can help manage your chronic pain. Together with his team, the doctor will use spinal cord stimulation procedures that prevent pain signals from hitting those areas which cause sleepless nights.

How Does Spinal Cord Stimulation Work?

Innovative treatments have surfaced in the medical field to treat pain. Providers at Houston Pain Specialists use a procedure called spinal cord stimulation to help treat various types of pain caused by arthritis, chronic sciatica, and nerve damage. Your doctor can also use the process to treat other conditions, including failed back surgery and other pains that may radiate from any part of your body. Additionally, you can get gradual relief with spinal cord stimulation when you have reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

  • Failed Back Syndrome

This issue may arise after you have back surgery. Following back surgery, your body needs to regenerate. When it fails to properly do so, a problem called nervous compression may set in and cause you to feel pain.

  • CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a type of chronic pain that can occur following an injury, and typically affects only one limb. While it can vary in both duration and severity, more severe cases can sometimes lead to a longer-term disability. Some individuals might experience CRPS after a stroke, heart attack, vascular issues or surgery.

What To Expect During Treatment

You will receive the treatment in two phases:

  • Trial Phase

This phase requires special x-rays to penetrate deep into your spinal cord. Your doctor will use fluoroscopy to ensure electrodes are properly placed into your epidural space near the region of pain. Your doctor also uses wires attached to a small generator that stays in place for up to seven days as pain in your spinal cord is reduced or eliminated gradually during the trial period.

  • Permanent Phase

The success of the trial phase will encourage your doctor to carry out the permanent stage. This procedure begins with anesthesia to calm and eliminate pain. Your doctor will then make a small incision after you have settled and your organs have become numb. The next step involves an electrode that goes into the incision near your spine. Houston Pain Specialists then push the wires just above your buttocks with precision to block any radiating pain signals. The last procedure is the placement of a generator attached to a wire that is secured on your skin.

What To Expect After The Procedure

Incision procedures generally have little pain associated with them, though you may notice some redness and swelling that will disappear on its own.

Be sure to eliminate pain and other discomforts by having a spinal cord stimulation procedure at Houston Pain Specialists. You may contact the center through a phone call or by making an online appointment to have a session with your doctor.

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