Emergency Dental Services to Help Keep a Pristine Smile


Emergencies, including dental ones, call for fast reactions every time they occur; the more you wait, the higher the chances of a negative treatment outcome. West End Dental offers emergency dental services to help salvage your smile when the situation calls for immediacy in treatment. Here is what your dentist would like you to know about emergency dental services.

What types of dental issues does a dental emergency plan cover?

Dental issues come at any time, while others can wait for a weeklong appointment; others require immediate help to keep your teeth. Acting quickly can save your dangling tooth. Many situations call for a dental emergency plan. However, when making your assessments, you should always treat most dental issues as an emergency to have your dentist decide whether they need a quick check.

What dental problems require a dental emergency plan?

West End Dental has a unique chart where it classifies dental issues. The center will decide whether your problem requires an immediate checkup once you pay a visit. The dental issues that need an emergency plan include:

  • Oral trauma
  • Severe toothaches
  • Bleeding
  • Cracked tooth
  • Damaged tooth

Dental emergencies extend to other things such as implants and prosthetics. When you suddenly get a knock on the prosthetic, making you unable to use it, you must treat the situation as a dental emergency. A point to note, any dental issue that comes to you suddenly, making you unable to eat, is a dental emergency.

What to do when you have a dental emergency

Dental emergencies come from sudden knocks or issues that influence your eating. You can also refer to an oral issue as an emergency when you feel unbearable pain that refuses to go away. Once you note you have an emergency, you can take several steps before reaching West End Dental for treatment.

Permanent teeth do not have a natural replacement, so your speed can make the difference during an emergency. When one of your permanent teeth becomes loose, the first step is to maintain its position in the socket, then contact West End Dental. Some accidents knock your teeth out of their socket; in such cases, you must pick the tooth, clean it using tap water and return it to its socket gradually as you work to find your dentist. However, when it comes off, you will need to put it in warm milk as you reach West End Dental for help.

When you reach your dentist, you will need to have a straightforward narrative about how you got into the emergency; your dentist will use your explanation to help deal with the crisis.

Can you find dental emergency services after regular working hours?

Emergency services are when you have an emergency because the more you wait, the higher the chances of losing your teeth.

Emergency services come in handy, especially when you want them the most. West End Dental offers the services even during the weekends. Call the center or book your spot online to begin your journey to better dental health.

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