Endovascular Procedures: Minimally Invasive Treatment for Leg Pain


Once in a while, you may be unable to walk due to leg pain resulting from plaque buildup. Your doctor may use endovascular procedures to remove blockages and ease leg pain without surgery. Dr. Patel can help you enjoy a more active lifestyle through personalized and advanced treatment procedures. You can meet Dr. Nirav Patel in Yonkers or Jackson Heights, New York, at Premier Vascular to book an appointment or learn more about endovascular procedures.

About Endovascular Procedures

Endovascular procedures refer to a collection of treatment procedures performed inside blood vessels. At Premier Vascular, Dr. Patel performs each endovascular procedure using tiny cuts that are wide enough to allow catheter insertion into the affected blood vessel.

A catheter is a thin tube filled with specialized contraptions required to handle various complications in your arteries. Catheters are available in varied sizes to fit different widths and depths of each cut on your blood vessels without affecting neighboring tissues.

In an endovascular procedure, Dr. Patel uses ultrasound and other imaging procedures to make precise catheter insertions.

Vascular Conditions Treated with Endovascular Procedures

Endovascular procedures are administered for vascular complications like peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Peripheral arterial disease develops when cholesterol, plaque, and other alien substances accumulate to limit blood flow through your body.

PAD causes unpleasant symptoms like slow hair growth, hair loss, muscle cramps, leg fatigue, and pain when walking. Dr. Patel considers the extent of damage and specific symptoms of your condition to determine your endovascular procedures eligibility.

Endovascular Procedures Offered at Premier Vascular

Dr. Patel specializes in atherectomy, angioplasty and stenting, and angiography.

  •   Angioplasty and stenting. When performing angioplasty, Dr. Patel uses a catheter equipped with a mesh stent or balloon. He guides the catheter to the plaque’s location and inflates the balloon to remove the blockage by pushing the plaque against the arterial wall.

Your doctor performs angioplasty with or without introducing a stent into the affected artery. If Dr. Patel releases a stent, the wire mesh enlarges after it is inserted into the artery. The stent remains inside your artery to hold it open and maintain a healthy blood flow.

Angiography refers to an imaging procedure using a special dye or contrast material with x-rays to deliver more details of your arteries. The dye highlights structures inside your artery to show the exact size and location of your atherosclerotic plaque.

Dr. Patel introduces a catheter and pushes it to reach the affected parts of your artery. After getting the catheter in place, he injects the special dye and uses real-time x-rays. Besides an accurate diagnosis, angiography is best for planning other endoscopic procedures.

  •   Atherectomy. In case the plaque is too hard to push with a balloon, Dr. Patel may recommend an atherectomy. An atherectomy catheter is equipped with special devices like a laser generating heat to dissolve the plaque or rotating blades for cutting the plaque away.

Other Services Offered at Premier Vascular

Dr. Patel also specializes in:

  • Endovenous radiofrequency ablation
  • Varicose veins
  • VenaSeal
  • Wound Care
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Diabetic foot pain
  • Vascular ultrasound imaging

Dr. Patel offers fully personalized treatment based on the severity of your symptoms. If you need endovascular procedures and other services highlighted above, reach out to Premier Vascular for immediate medical assistance and long-term pain relief.

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