Enjoy Clear Sight with Quality Glasses Prescription by an Ophthalmologist in Florida


If eyeglasses are your ticket to enjoying clear sight, Dr. Stephen Wolchok, MD, at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is here to offer you the help you need so that you can continue enjoying optimal eye health and sight. Besides offering patients in Jacksonville and the more extensive Florida area annual eye exams for all patients aged ten and beyond, Dr. Wolchok determines your glasses prescription to ensure that you receive the glasses that meet your unique needs and goals. For patient-centered, quality glasses prescription, reach out to a Jacksonville glasses specialist at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, by calling the office or schedule a consultation online.

How To Receive Your Glasses Prescription

Your specialist at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, conducts a visual acuity exam, which comprises eye charts and other vision tests during one’s extensive eye exam. If you require glasses, your provider assesses your vision through a series of lenses. The patient tries on different lenses, determining which are good or bad until they settle for the ones that fit your needs.

If contact lenses are necessary, the eye specialists will take some eye measurements. These include pupil size and corneal curvature. This procedure allows the specialists to establish if you require specialized contact lenses, such as toric lenses for astigmatism.

What does the extensive exe exam comprise of?

Aside from the prescription and visual acuity tests, the specialists may perform several tests during your eye exam, including:

  • Pupil Retraction – assesses your pupil response to bright light
  • Outer eye health – eye lens, iris, and cornea exam
  • Inner eye health – optic nerve and retina exam
  • Eye movement – your eye muscles’ response as they work to enhance your vision
  • Peripheral vision – side vision checks for an early diagnosis of glaucoma or other eye diseases
  • Intraocular eye pressure (IOP) – monitors your IOP; a high IOP can be an indicator of glaucoma

To see your eye structures clearly or more detailed, the team at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, utilizes a slit-lamp exam. Depending on the patient’s condition, they may also recommend advanced tests such as fundus photos or optical coherence tomography to develop a more comprehensive evaluation.

What are other eye treatment options available?

For some patients, contacts or glasses cannot correct their vision problem because there is an underlying health concern that may require surgery. Ophthalmologist, Dr. Wolchok, will conduct a full eye evaluation and perform safe, effective surgical procedures if necessary. Once your eye condition is treated, he can determine your prescription and help you select the best contact lenses or eyeglasses that fit your needs.

Wolchok Eye Associates, PA is a reputable ophthalmology practice that serves patients in Jacksonville, FL. Patients can rely on the care offered at this cutting-edge facility for comprehensive eye care, including eyeglasses prescription, eye exams, and diagnosis and treatments of a wide range of eye conditions. To access empathetic, top-quality eye care from skilled specialists that utilize the most advanced technologies, call the office of Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, or use the online booking tool to request an appointment today.

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