Every New York Dentist Give This Useful Advice to Maintain Oral Hygiene


Dentists say that severe oral problems start with some minor issues that we often tend to ignore. You may have to suffer from continuous pain and discomfort. Besides, infection from plaque build-up can hamper your overall oral health. Therefore, you should get dental services periodically.

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Dental Procedures for Decay or Damage

You may have to get immediate treatment depending on the scale of the tooth damage. You would have two choices:

  1. Filling- When you have an untreated plaque deposit, it starts forming cavities. If the cavity is small, you can treat it with just a filling. The dentist would first clean up the affected area and scrap off the decayed layer of the tooth. Then a filling of amalgam or composite resin would cover up the hole created by the cleanup. This procedure is not as invasive as a dental crown and you won’t lose much tooth enamel.
  2. Dental crown- When the tooth decay or damage is serious, you would need a crown. In this case, your tooth loses strength after drilling out the cavity. The crown would support the structure over the gum and can look just like your other teeth with materials like porcelain and ceramic.

No matter what the situation is, you have to take appropriate treatment so that it doesn’t worsen.

Ways to Prevent Dental Problems

If you don’t want to get through multiple dental procedures, take care of your gums and teeth regularly. You should develop these healthy habits for maintaining oral hygiene:

  • You have to stop the formation of dental plaques to resolve the root cause. Thus, avoid added sugar in your diet as much as possible. The bacteria in your mouth multiply with starch and sugar. Eating less of these kinds of food would help you keep a check.
  • Every time you go to your dentist in New York, you must have heard them say it is mandatory to brush twice a day. It keeps your mouth clean of food residues. They also recommend using dental floss at least once before brushing.
  • Use mouthwash regularly.
  • Fix a dentist appointment at least once in 6 months.

You may not feel any major problem at that moment, but a dentist would be able to warn you of possible dental problems.

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