Everything You Need to Know About Botox


The world of medicine has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Nowadays, people invest a lot in their appearance, going so far as undergoing surgical and cosmetic procedures to alter their looks. Botox treatments have offered an opportunity to modify your appearance to your liking. The treatment is safe and should be administered by a specialist. If you’re looking for Botox in Midtown East, Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery (MDCS) is the place to go. They offer specialized Botox treatment and take your considerations seriously. Call them today and schedule an appointment.

What is Botox?                                                                            

Botox is a drug that is prepared from botulin. The injectable drug contains a neuromodulator that assists in the relaxation of nerve muscles. When injected in small doses, Botox helps relax facial muscles, therefore reducing or getting rid of wrinkles such as forehead furrows, frow lines, bunny lines, and crow’s feet. However, if used in large doses, Botox can produce dire effects, including death.

Who Can Benefit from Botox Treatment?

Nobody is exempt from undergoing Botox Treatment. Both the young and old can do it. They all need to tighten their facial skin and make it as smooth and taut as possible. The treatment leaves you with younger, more supple, and smooth skin. Apart from its aesthetic value, Botox treatment can also be used for medical purposes. People with hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating, also can benefit from medical Botox treatment. Botox helps block the sweat glands from producing more sweat, reducing the amount of sweat emitted in the affected parts of the body. Other benefits include management of migraines, multiple sclerosis, crossed eyes, among others.

Advantages of Botox Treatment Over Surgery

To restore saggy skin, especially in the face, the options available include surgery and Botox injections. Most people will prefer Botox injections as opposed to surgery. This is because Botox treatment is non-invasive. Many things can go wrong where surgery is involved. The uncertainty of potential future problems is scary; hence the risk isn’t worth it.

Does Botox Treatment have any side effects?

There are some side effects of Botox that have been observed over the years. These include dry mouth, headache, muscle stiffness and weakness, joint pain, blurred vision, and difficulty while swallowing. However, none of these are long-term as they disappear soon after the end of the treatments.

What is the Cost of Botox Treatment?

Botox treatment does not come cheap. The cost depends on the number of injections one has to undergo per preferred area, and it varies from one clinic to another. An average amount of 250 to 500 dollars is what you will pay to get started. Therefore, if you’re interested or if you need to look younger for longer, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to make it happen.

Contact a Botox Specialist Today

It’s no doubt that Botox treatment boosts people’s self-esteem and confidence by making them feel and look better. In this modern world, facelifts, nose jobs, and general face modifications are the norm. Botox specialists take reasonable care to ensure that the procedure is done safely and according to your preference. The specialists at Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery (MDCS) are quality experts who provide top-notch cosmetic transformations. Contact them today and discuss your treatment options.

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