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Dogs Worms’s blog!Dogs worms are intestinal parasites that are found in the intestines of most animals. Studies indicate that they often occur in puppies. Scientific studies put the worm problem into three categories: puppies that acquired them from their mother before birth or after birth (usually roundworms), dogs that are infested with fleas or eat gopher and they become tapeworms, and older dogs with immune system is run down.

Unfortunately many of the latter are very susceptible to roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and outside fleas, lice, and ticks. Tapeworms can be identified in a fresh stool or around the anus. Their sizes are usually ¼ to ½ inch long. The Dogs Worms grow rapidly in the small intestine and look like cream color pieces of rice. Most pet owners use chemicals to deal with this problem. The draw back to doing that is the head will stay in the insides and grow back later with new body.

Dog worms, like Hookworms, are a horrible ordeal for a dog to deal with. It can cause holes in the digestive tract from blood sucking. Usually puppies have this problem, and it can lead to anemia. Dogs become infected from material milk that has worms in it or from eating Hook worms eggs. Another common way to acquire them is through penetration of the skin.

If you chose to go with chemicals, de-wormers are best for your pet. Studies have confirmed that Toluene causes liver failure in animals. And these harsh chemical can also cause cramps for twelve hours in dogs. The main reason why Holistic medicine is against the chemical approach owes to the immune system itself. If a pet is not eating properly and taking a chemical product for worms, it will have two sources of toxins in its system to deal with: leaving it vulnerable to disease or other problems later on.

A healthy host will put up a great fight against worms. Pet owners must realize that the best line of defense is proper nutrition. Holistic medicine classifies pet food into ten levels or categories. The number one category is real food. Unfortunately, as you go down the ladder there are more chemicals in food, additives, and preservatives. And over heating pet food makes vitamins and minerals ineffective. Vitamins A, E and B1, especially, are lost through heating processing.

Doing research on pet food is the only way to know for sure that there are alternatives to chemicals in ridding the Dogs worms in your pet’s system. Doing research on such products as digestive enzymes will be productive. Many people think highly of using Hematinic B complex vitamins & iron for Hookworm problem. Pet owners must realize that herbs can boost the immune system as well. Using Chinese herb called Tang Kuei for puppies will also get great results. For tapeworms you should use Granatum 9x or 12x four time a day.

The Last Recommendation concerns vitamin deficiencies. Use iron, vitamin A, E, D and vitamin C 500 to 2000MG, B complex vitamins- B-1, B-2 Biotin and folic acid, and parsley capsules.

Exercise is also critical, and so is maintaining a clean environment. It is a good idea to walk your dog regularly. A clean environment and exercise will prevent parasite problems from arising in the first place.

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