How to Effectively Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos


Why keep it if you no longer need it? Tattoos are a constant reminder of some memories you would rather forget. If you are considering removing a tattoo, it will do you good removing it the right way. Peach Skin and Laser adopt PiQo4 laser technology for cutting-edge tattoo removal in Yuma safely and precisely.

How does PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Unlike other laser systems, PiQo4 laser offers more effective clearance in a few sessions with less ghosting. PiQo4 laser removes the standard color of tattoos by piecing together two top-notch technologies for a quicker treatment procedure.

Standard laser treatment technologies focus on either small or big tattoo ink particles respectively. Consequently, leaving you with evidence of tattoo ghosting. This treatment procedure focuses on both small and large ink particles simultaneously, thus removing your tattoo meticulously and leaves the surrounding skin areas intact. With PiQo4 technology, ink particles in the body are broken down into small sizes that your body can eradicate naturally.

How can I know if I am Eligible for PiQo4 Laser Removal?

The series of treatments you will undergo depends on the location and type of your tattoo. Skin color and background are also taken into consideration by your specialist. Removal sessions range from as low as two sessions to ten at maximum, spread out to eight weeks apart. If your tattoo is colored or big, you will need more treatments. Amateur tattoos are easier to remove and demand fewer sessions. Also, tattoos that are closer to the heart lead to better results since they have better circulation.

Why you Should Choose Peach Skin and Laser for your Procedure.

Visiting Peach Skin and Laser gives you the most precise estimate for your removal process. Your compassionate service provider also advises you in before and aftercare practices relevant for you along with the time it will take to finish your procedure.

PiQo4 laser fire creates loud, popping sounds producing heat above the skin area under treatment. You will feel as though your skin is being burned by the sun. As a result, your tattoo may seem like it has frosting on the top immediately after treatment.

Later, your tattoo may blister or crust. There is no cause for alarm because this is part of the healing process of your body. However, these side effects do not last. Weeks later, your body starts eliminating the broken-down particles causing your tattoo to fade away.

PiQo4 Tattoo Laser Technology is not for Everyone.

Some risks accompany this treatment procedure; hence it is not suitable for everybody. If you are prone to skin keloids, you are vulnerable to scars after any skin trauma such as laser treatment. Hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation are also common risks of this procedure. Hypo-pigmentation chances are higher for dark skin individuals. Nonetheless, your specialist will explain to you the risk factors and more upon consultation.

You do not have to cover up that unwanted tattoo. It is imperative to find the right person for the job if you are considering erasing a tattoo using laser technology. Call or book an appointment online with Peach Skin and Laser for an advanced tattoo removal experience.

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