Important Facts You Should Know About Facials


Everyone likes to have a smooth face that glows to complement that perfect smile and improve appearance. Luckily, various advanced procedures have made it possible to eliminate the dark skin and blemishes on our faces. While some may term the procedures unnecessary and pricey, they have become essential in order to have clean, young, and healthy skin. PureMD offers facials in Beavercreek to rejuvenate your skin and remove blemishes.

Most people do not have an idea of what facials entail or what to expect if they book a session with a dermatologist. Well, below are some facts you should know:

You should never mix facials with waxing.

You may want to combine other procedures out there, but these two are a big no. Waxing will work to remove a layer of dirt and the dead skin from your face, while facials stimulate collagen to give you smooth skin. Therefore, if you get waxed and then book a facial appointment, you risk skin irritation. 

It is not a requirement to clean your face.

Most people want to get their faces clean first before going in for their appointment. However, to get the best results, you should just walk into the specialist’s office straight from your daily activities. This way, they will quickly spot if there is a problem with your skin or whether there are some skin products you should stop using.

Facials are more preventative.

While it is essential to book a facial appointment to get a quick fix on your face, you may want to consider making it a routine from time to time. It is almost the same as going to the dentist for a checkup. Therefore, even if your skin is perfectly glowing, you should visit to maintain toxic free healthy skin, especially if you have oily skin.

Spa products may react with topical medications.

If you are already applying some topical medications to keep acne away, you may want to inform the specialist before a facial. This is because facials also aim to remove scars, acne, and blemishes to give you smooth skin. Thus, telling them before will help avoid over stimulating the skin, and they will know the right products to use.

Facials are not all the same.

Just because two people want a facial doesn’t mean that their procedure will be an exact duplicate. The specialist will perform a facial according to your skin concerns and type. Just by examining you, they should tell which procedure is right and advise on the post-treatment care you should adopt.

Results are never instant.

As mentioned above, facials are not a fast fix. Therefore, you should not expect long-lasting glowing skin from just on appointment. It will take some time and regular visits to stimulate your cells. Thus, the more you make it a habit, the better the results.

Facials do not just involve applying chemical solutions; specialists might use lasers to stimulate the collagen in the skin further to improve skin texture and appearance. At PureMD, they carefully examine your condition and come up with the best treatment option. Book an appointment for customized skincare.



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