Is It Possible To Afford A Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney?


If you live in Georgia and ride a motorcycle, you should have contact details of a personal injury lawyer on your phone at all times. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcyclists are way too common in the state, and in many cases, other vehicle drivers are responsible for such mishaps. Georgia is a fault state, which essentially means that a victim has the option of recovering compensation from the other party liable for the motorcycle accident. You can click here to know the worth of your claim. If you are wondering whether you can afford a lawyer, we have a few pointers below for your help.

Obligation-free consultations

“Do I have a valid motorcycle accident claim?” “What’s the worth of my claim?” “What can I expect in a settlement?” “What steps can help protect my interests and rights?”

These are often some of the common questions that victims have after a motorcycle accident. Thankfully, most of the top law firms in Georgia don’t charge a fee for reviewing or evaluating injury claims. Whether you lost a loved one in such an accident or endured severe injuries, you can talk to a lawyer and understand what the claim is all about. The obligation-free consultation ensures that victims have legal help without an immediate cost.

Contingency arrangement

When it comes to motorcycle accident claims, lawyers charge a contingency fee. If the client wins a financial settlement, the lawyer gets a discussed percentage of the amount, and if that doesn’t happen, the lawyer cannot ask for money for the time spent on the case. The contingency fee for motorcycle accident lawsuits may vary, especially if the case goes to trial. There are lawyers who charge as low as 23% for such claims, while for trial lawsuits, it could go up to 40%.

Other expenses

As a client, you need to pay for certain things. Whether it is about investigating a case or talking to experts, there is a price for doing business, and lawyers cannot pay that for clients. While your lawyer may share the estimate in advance, you can also ask them to help with these expenses until you recover money. That arrangement can help you reduce the upfront financial burden of pursuing the motorcycle accident claim.

In short, hiring a lawyer doesn’t come with any additional burden, and at the least, you should meet an experienced attorney to know how to move further with your motorcycle accident case.

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