Issues That Will Require Your Child to Visit a Pediatric ENT


Children have a higher tendency of experiencing ear, nose, and throat problems than adults. These cases demand very different care than that of adults. That is why Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat has made sure that if you are looking for the best pediatric ENT in Surprise, Arizona, you will have access to their highly skilled specialists. Their team is compassionate and provides child-friendly diagnoses and treatment for your kids. They are well-trained to handle any kind of complications including those that require surgery. Let’s expound a little bit on what this ENT treatment involves.

ENT Issues in Children

  1. Breathing Problems

Breathing problems are one of the common challenges that kids experience. The downside to this is that there is a wide range of causes associated with it and as a parent, you can never be fully certain of the seriousness of your kid’s issue. It could result from a blocked airway by a foreign object, an infection, lung problems, or respiratory muscle, heart, brain, or even nasal deformities from birth. Evidently, some of these could have simple solutions but some could be complicated. Therefore, it is wise to have your child checked whenever an issue with breathing arises.

  1. Ear Infection

Another major problem is ear infections. We all know that children love poking things anywhere and sometimes they do so in places they are not supposed to, like the ear. This might result in infection or otitis. Other causes could be exposure to causatives like smoking in the house or exposure to bacteria in places like daycare. Research says that almost 90% of children will have an ear infection by the time they are two years old.

  1. Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is also a common illness among kids frequently caused by bacteria called Streptococcus. It affects the tonsils which are a part of lymphoid tissue that assists in the production of immunoglobulin to fight infections and collect viruses and bacteria that affect the upper respiratory tract.

Other issues are as follows:

  • Tongue-tie. It is the shortening of the tissue underneath the tongue, affecting its mobility. It usually affects newborns and can cause eating and speech problems.
  • Thyroid disease. Encompasses any problems in the thyroid glands. The most common one is the enlargement of thyroid glands.
  • Sinus infections. This is the infection or inflammation of one or more of the sinuses.
  • Sleep-disordered breathing. It is characterized by your child having restless sleeping, snoring, waking up during the night, change in behavior during the day, and trouble waking up or going to sleep.

These are among the many problems that may require you to take your child to a pediatric ENT. Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists are set apart from the crowd as the best in Arizona and give personified special care to your kid. They offer care based on your child’s illness and could even advise on home care instead of office visits. Whenever your child has this kind of illness, consider Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat for the best attention.

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