Knee Revision Surgery – Is it Worth Giving a Shot?


The knees are one of the most important parts of the human body as they help the movement of a person. As we age, we start experiencing many issues related to bones and joints. Knee pain may be common but it causes discomfort and irritation in a human being. Arthritis is one of the major medical conditions that require surgery on the knees. Most arthroplasty surgeries do not require revision. A failed knee replacement may be responsible for knee revision surgery in Chevy Chase so that the condition may be improved. Some of the medical reasons for knee revision surgery are mentioned below:

Infection in the Joints

After any surgery, infection is one of the major concerns for most doctors and patients. If after a knee replacement, the infection causes pain, swelling, and drainage, it needs to be looked after properly. The infection may occur immediately after the surgery, after a few weeks, or even months after. However, if the doctor feels that it needs to be controlled in time, they may ask you to receive knee revision surgery.

Stiffness in Joints

In some cases, knee replacement surgery may cause excessive growth of the scar tissues. Too many soft tissues around the joint give rise to stiffness in the joints that require knee revision surgery. Your health care provider will check the condition properly and may suggest this surgery.

Wearing Implants

One of the common reasons for knee revision surgery is wearing implants that are securely attached to the bone. With the passage of time, this grip loosens. People who are engaged in high-impact activities such as sports, running, and jogging, experience this situation quite often. Excessive weight also causes wearing implants and requires knee revision surgery. This is the primary reason for knee revision.

Failed Joint Placement 

The joint replacement surgery is performed with the precision of alignment and position. If it is not placed correctly, it can be very painful for the patient. In order to correct this surgery, revision surgery is suggested by most doctors.

Instability of Implants

The implants are designed to work with the ligaments of the patient. If they get injured due to a sports injury or any other activities, implants may become unstable. In such a case, revision surgery is needed.

It is strongly recommended to contact your surgeon if you face any of these issues. They can monitor your condition and suggest the best way to remedy it. 

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