Knowing When to See an Ankle Sprain Doctor and What to Expect During Your Visit


Anyone can get a sprained ankle regardless of their age or physical condition. At first, you can manage an ankle sprain by applying ice packs, taking pain relievers, and massaging your ankle. But, when the pain goes beyond one week, it would be best to see a Naperville ankle sprain specialist at American Foot & Ankle Specialists to determine if you need physical therapy or surgery. Here is how to know if you need an ankle sprain doctor.

See a doctor if you:

  1. Have chronic pain or swelling

Pain that lasts more than seven days could signify more damage to your bones and muscles. If your ankle sprain is accompanied by swelling, chances are your bones could be broken, and blood is clotting in your ankles. Most active people and athletes engaging in contact sports are at a high risk of developing sprained ankles.

  1. You are unable to bear your leg’s weight

Your ankles aid your leg to make a move in different directions. When you have a severe ankle sprain, you may notice that your leg feels heavier than usual. At this point, home remedies might not work. You need an ankle sprain doctor to examine your foot for any injury and tailor a proper treatment plan.

  1. Develop signs of infection

A sprained ankle can make you develop infections like redness and fever. You may experience these symptoms when you have an injury or after applying home remedies that could be aggravating your pain.

What to expect when seeing a doctor for a sprained ankle

A person with sprained ankle qualifies to go to the ER for urgent treatment after showing severe signs pointing to the injury. The first thing your doctor will do is establish your condition’s severity. If you have an acute ankle sprain, your doctor might prescribe pain relievers or refer you to a physical therapist. They can also instruct you on precautions to take to hasten your recovery.

If your injury is severe or it seems like you might develop complications even after treatment, your doctor might refer you to an orthopedic specialist or surgeon. For your injury to be declared severe, you must prove that you have been experiencing pain for several weeks and other chronic signs accompany it. Surgery is often the last resort to an ankle sprain injury that does not seem to improve through noninvasive treatment options.

See an ankle sprain specialist to restore your quality of life

No matter how careful you are when walking, running, or climbing stairs, you can still accidentally hurt your ankle. One wrong move, such as tripping on a stone or staircase, can make you sustain an injury to your ankle. While home-based care might help provide you with relief, establishing if you are out of danger can be daunting unless you see a specialist for a sprained ankle.

Once you recover, ensure you take a good rest for a while before engaging in intense physical activities. It would also be wise to avoid situations that increase your risk for a sprained ankle in the future. To learn more about treatment options for an ankle sprain, consult your doctor today.

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