Little-Known Secrets to Improving Your Sex Life


When you reach forty years of age, your sex hormones decrease by half of their composition during age twenties. Consequently, you are likely to experience a decrease in your desire for sex, thereby jeopardizing your relationship. If you are after solutions for Plano low libido, look no further than The Riegel Center. Proficient bioidentical hormone specialist Christopher Riegel, MD, leads a team of competent providers in customizing formulas to restore your lost libido. Call their office or book online today to take advantage of his exclusive methods and regain control of your sex drive.

 What Causes Low Libido in Women?

Medication, chronic pain, underlying health concerns, mental health issues, relationship woes, and illegal substance usage are just a few elements that may contribute to low libido in women.

However, hormone depletion is the most common cause of low libido in women, particularly during perimenopause or menopause. Female libido is regulated by hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. All three decline with age, hitting their lowest point at menopause.

Hormone deficit can result in a decrease in sexual pleasure. Additionally, vaginal dryness, lack of vaginal feeling, and other annoying conditions such as excess weight, hot flashes, low energy, depression, and night sweats, to mention a few.

Causes of Low Libido in Men

Men, like women, might suffer low libido for a variety of reasons, including chronic discomfort and sickness. However, a drop in testosterone levels is the primary reason for low male libido. Although both men and women have testosterone, the hormone is especially important for men because it is the sole sex hormone they possess.

Testosterone levels surge in the late teens and then progressively decline over time. This decrease can result in a severe decline in libido. When males have low libido, they are more likely to face erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. A long battle with ED can leave you feeling helpless and depressed, decreasing your libido even further.

Male hormone deficiency, like female hormone inadequacy, can result in poor libido and problems such as low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, anxiety, and other major difficulties.

What Is the Best Treatment for Low Libido?

Hormone replacement therapy is by far the most effective treatment for weak libido driven by hormone depletion. Dr. Riegel uses his own patented bioidentical hormone blends at The Riegel Center.

These hormones are perfect replicas of natural sex hormones. Repairing your sex hormone levels has numerous advantages, including:

·         Better mood

·         Easier weight maintenance

·         Higher libido

·         More energy

·         More restful sleep

Dr. Reigel tailors each patient’s hormone mix based on blood testing. He provides an exceptional hormone replacement strategy intending to correct your sex hormone levels to how they were in your twenties. Hormones are available in different forms, including vaginal inserts for women.

Bottom Line

A low sex drive can leave you feeling frustrated and decrease your desire for sexual intimacy. Fortunately, you can do something about it. Call The Riegel Center or click the above link to learn more about hormone replacement therapy for low libido.

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