Live a Longer Healthier Life with the Best Medical and Geriatric Care


How do you ensure you maintain good health and lower the risk of infections and diseases for healthy living? Many factors affect your health, from your daily activities and mental health to your diet and water intake. A healthy lifestyle involves the regular habit of healthy activities that improve your health and not ruin it. Nutritious diets, exercises, proper vaccinations, and medication all improves your overall health. Good health, including physical, emotional, and mental health, increases your energy to perform daily activities, peace of mind, joy, all for better quality lives. Family Life Medical is your number one partner providing comprehensive and useful medical care for all your family health needs. The practice specializes in offering various health services, including geriatric care in Conroe, Texas.

Dr. Kyle Scarborough, a family doctor, leads the Family Life Medical team to offer extensive medical care that suits the whole family. The services include well-woman exams, diabetes, hypertension care, senior care, wellness exams, school physicals, and hospital follow-ups. The experienced and qualified Family Life Medical team listens attentively to their patients’ health concerns and strives to find solutions for them. They understand that every patient is different and unique from the other. They see each patient one at a time; they spend time with them to get to know them and understand their needs to develop customized treatments only for them.

The highly educated Dr. Scarborough has high expertise and knowledge in medical care, having trained from the best medical institutions. Following his medical care passion, he takes pride in offering the best care in his private practice. He is caring and is happy to work with each of his patients. Family life Medical is a state of the art facility that uses advanced technology to offer accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Besides medical health, the practice provides skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal services.

Some of the services offered include:


Diabetes is common among many individuals, distracting their daily lives. The experienced Dr. Kyle at Family Life Medical helps you manage your diabetes through proper medication and lifestyle modifications. Whichever type is your diabetes, visit them today to get the care to improve your health.

Geriatric care

Not all health practices have room to take care of older patients. Family Life Medical has the experience and the knowledge required to take care of older people through conservative and compassionate approaches. Call or book an appointment online for a consultation to learn more.

Health is indeed valuable, and we should do whatever it takes to help maintain it. Family Life Medical is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to all patients for healthier, better lives. Dr. Kyle Scarborough, a family doctor, leads the practice to serve patients with quality and effective medical care. The award-winning doctor offers patient-centered care to meet all the unique health needs of the patients. He is caring and compassionate; he listens to his patients carefully to understand their health concerns and provide personalized treatment plans. With his team, they offer the best care in services, including hypertension, diabetes, well-woman exam, senior care, skin rejuvenation, wellness exams, and school physicals. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. Visit them today in Conroe, Texas, for care with the best results.

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