Mistakes to Avoid on a Trip to the USA


The US is one country with a wide range of destinations you can visit. Yellowstone National Park is one popular destination in the US. If you plan to visit this destination, then you can’t ignore Yellowstone Bear World, a popular drive-thru park with free-roaming wildlife. There are several other destinations you can also visit in the country. When planning a trip to the US, you need to avoid the following mistakes.

Thinking of visiting all at once

The first of the mistakes to avoid on a trip to the USA is something we all do: exaggerate. Just as you wouldn’t visit Rome in a single day, you can’t expect to see New York, Niagara Falls, and the West Coast all in two weeks.

I understand the reasons, for many a trip to the USA is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and therefore you want to see as much as possible.

The fact is, by doing so, you would be spending all your time in a car or plane. You will see many things, sure, but you will not enjoy any of them. You will return home much more satisfied, having seen fewer attractions, but with the right timing.

The trick is to prioritize yourself and decide which are the must-see destinations.

Underestimate the distances

The second most frequent mistake is the misinterpretation of American distances. On the map, it all seems feasible. If you’ve never been to the USA, it’s hard to understand what it really means to spend 3-4 hours behind the wheel every day, for many days in a row.

Don’t consider the time zone

One of the most frequent mistakes to avoid on a trip to the USA is forgetting that there are many time zones.

Watch out for time changes between states and between areas of the same state, such as when visiting Arizona. This state has the particularity of not using daylight saving time. So far, there would be no problems, but there is a but. On the Indian reservations, on the other hand, they use daylight saving time. If you want to take an organized tour in these areas, make sure you understand which time zone the departure time refers to.

Dressing the wrong way

Even if you go to California in August, always wear a scarf and a warm sweater. This rule is valid for all journeys, anywhere in the world, but even more so in the USA.

Americans have a real fixation on air conditioning. In all closed places, it feels like being in an icebox. I don’t know how they do it, because sometimes I feel really bad, to the point of having to get out of a museum or a shopping center, yet they seem to be fine.

There is nothing you can do but cover yourself up, always.

Thinking of finding food everywhere

Ok, this is just impossible. In a country where the obesity rate is 36%, you have to be able to eat anywhere. Not exactly. There are huge areas where there is absolutely nothing, neither restaurants nor kiosks.

In order not to skip your meal, stop at a supermarket early in the morning or the night before and stock up. In your hotel room, you will surely find the refrigerator, where you can keep the supplies for the day.

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