Orthodontic Options To Improve Your Smile


If you want to transform your smile, orthodontics comes in handy. Orthodontics helps correct the position of your teeth, enhancing their function and promoting your oral health. The treatment options come from way back, including braces that have been there for close to 300 years.

It is never too late to have your orthodontic treatment. Robert J. Lopatkin, DDS at Advanced Digital Orthodontics, offers various orthodontic treatments to help you achieve your desired smile. Call the practice today or schedule your consultation online.

The following are the orthodontic services you can receive under the care of Dr. Lopatkin.


Braces are a popular orthodontic treatment that helps correct the following issues.

. Overcrowding

. Misaligned jaw

. Crooked teeth

They consist of rubber bands, brackets, and wires. These components put slight pressure on the teeth, eventually correcting their position. Besides improving your smile appearance, braces decrease your risk of gum disease and cavities.

Braces occur in different types, including

. Invisalign

. Lingual braces

. Traditional braces

. Clear braces

. InBrace

The various forms of braces work differently depending on your needs. Their cost, function, and maintenance are also different. Your orthodontist will discuss the options with you and help you choose the right fit for you.

The treatment time before you achieve your results may be 12-18 months, depending on the severity of your issue and maintenance care. Regular checkups are also critical in getting the results you need.


Invisalign is an alternative for traditional orthodontics, such as metal braces. The method involves wearing a series of plastic aligners on your teeth to straighten and shift your teeth in place over some time.

The aligners are easy to look after; you can easily remove them when eating and during cleaning time. However, it is critical to ensure your aligners are on for about 20 to 22 hours every day. For excellent results, your aligners should remain in your mouth except when eating or brushing.

Invisalign provides you with benefits such as

. More comfort

. Faster results

. Convenient when eating or brushing

You can use Invisalign to correct overcrowded teeth, spaced teeth, teeth misalignment, or rotated teeth.

Surgical orthodontics

For some cases, traditional orthodontics may not give you your desired results. In that matter, you might want to consider surgical orthodontics.

 Your provider first applies orthodontics such as braces before surgery. It helps quicken the treatment process, lower your risk of complications while improving your oral health.

Surgical orthodontics helps solve the following issues

. Speech difficulties

. Obstructive sleep apnea

. Genetic abnormalities

. Difficulty chewing or biting

. Genetic abnormalities

Adult orthodontics

Adult orthodontics involves orthodontic treatments for patients aged 18 years old and above. Most people have their orthodontics when they are children, but that does not mean you cannot have it while older. It is not too late to achieve that smile.

Adult orthodontics differs a bit with children orthodontics as your provider may have to consider

. Longer treatment time

. Extraction

. Invisible aligners

Adult orthodontics includes the following

. InBrace

. Clear braces

. Lingual braces

. Invisalign

. Expanders

You may still have to put on your retainers even after your treatment.

Orthodontics help align your teeth, improve your smile, and enhance your oral health. Contact Advanced Digital Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.

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