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Chronic pain conditions effects are common among many individuals affecting and disrupting their daily activities. These pain conditions usually come from health issues, injuries, and accidents, including sport activities injuries. Most people use over-the-counter drugs to help relieve the pain. Treatment therapies such as massage and chiropractic care work effectively for some people in relieving the painful symptoms. However, proper medical diagnosis is effective to analyze and determine the main cause of the pain. How do you deal with your chronic pain conditions? Performance Pain and Sports Medicine specializes in providing pain medicine services to help improve people’s life quality. They offer quality and effective pain management treatments, including back pain in Newtown.

Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is committed to providing interventional pain management, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine services to help patients live pain-free lives. With locations in Lawrenceville, Raritan, Bordentown, East Brunswick, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas, they excel in serving the areas with top quality services. The team at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is highly qualified and is committed to offering comprehensive and compassionate care to meet their patients’ health concerns. They serve each patient at a time developing customized treatment plans for them to meet their unique needs.

They provide efficient therapies for various musculoskeletal conditions, including back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, neuropathic pain, and joint pain. The team provides exceptional customer services; patients also benefit from convenient opening hours with low and no wait times. The Performance Pain and Sports Medicine team of interventional pain specialists takes their time to effectively diagnose their patients, to ensure fewer injection therapies and lower surgical rates. They use advanced technology and equipment to offer the latest and the best treatments. They also have an on-site fluoroscopic procedure suite that provides convenient services to patients saving on their costs.

They offer service such as:

Degenerative disc disease

This disease triggers conditions such as herniated discs that are chronic and more severe. The experienced team at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine use minimally invasive procedures to relieve your back pain. Visit them today for services with guaranteed results.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries are common among athletes and people active in various sports activities. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine provides comprehensive treatments for sports injuries for faster healing to help you resume your favorite sports activities. Call or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation.

From sports injuries, work accidents to chronic pain conditions and joint pain, all these affect your life negatively interfering with proper life functions. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is committed to providing you with quality and extensive pain medicine services to help relieve your pain and improve your life quality. The practice with New Jersey and Houston Texas locations takes pride in providing interventional pain management, regenerative and anti-aging services to patients in these areas to help them live better healthy lives. Their team consists of certified pain medicine specialists committed to meeting patients’ needs through individualized treatments. They are caring and compassionate; hence, providing patients with a comfortable and relaxing environment. They welcome both new and existing patients. Visit them today in your preferred location for services to improve your health and life as a whole.

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