Pain Management Techniques for a Better Quality of Life


While you can live with some forms of mild pain until they resolve, chronic pain can turn your life upside down. The extremeness of chronic pain can render you immobile and highly dependent. Effective pain management techniques are often the best way to deal with disturbing chronic pain. You can have your pain sorted by Manalapan Downtown Pain Management experts. The experts offer top-class treatment plans to deal with chronic and acute pain.

Pain management 101

Dr. Ben-Meir, the head of pain management techniques at Downtown Pain Management, defines management as the long-term evaluation and treatment of pain. Pain exists in two ways—acute and chronic. Regardless of your type of pain, pain management seeks to eliminate some pain to help you lead a more bearable life. Downtown Pain Management uses various top-class methods to deal with most types of pain. You can benefit from fluoroscopy-guided injections to ultrasounds that help your doctor make a better diagnosis.

Pain does not just affect you; most times, underlying issues are the reason for chronic pain. That is why when you take painkillers, you mask the problem for some time. Downtown Pain Management deals with pain differently. The doctors there focus on the underlying issue, which ultimately provides long-term relief.

When is the best time to see a doctor about pain?

Pain is an indication that something is off in your system. Therefore, when your pain lasts for a long time, especially when it breaches the four-week mark, you should see an expert. You should also see a doctor when the cause of your pain is from sudden injuries. Conditions like arthritis are the reason for chronic pain; you should often see your doctor for help with conditions that can cause long-term pain.

Issues that require a prompt appointment with a pain expert include:

  •         Joint pain
  •         Back pain
  •         Cancer pain
  •         Pinched nerves
  •         Nerve pain
  •         Pain from traumas such as accidents
  •         Post-surgical pain
  •         Regional type of pain

Chronic pain can also appear mysteriously with no obvious effect. Your doctor identifies this type of pain by the name chronic pain syndrome, which follows other conditions such as strokes.

What innovative techniques help deal with pain?

Evaluation of pain is the first step in a series of many to determine the reason for your pain. Downtown Pain Management has top-class tools to deal with evaluation and even the next steps required in making a diagnosis. Treatment options available for pain include:

  •         Neuroma injections
  •         Prolotherapy
  •         The use of nerve blocks
  •         Epidural injections
  •         Platelet-rich plasma
  •         Neuroma injections
  •         Radiofrequency ablation
  •         Nerve root injections

However, for you to have any treatment, your diagnosis must confirm that any procedure offered is the best way to deal with your pain. You can also benefit from multiple ways of dealing with pain, where your doctor combines various treatments.

Pain is an issue that causes distress, which also requires an expert to solve. When you collaborate with Downtown Pain Management, you get the best techniques to deal with pain. Start your journey to a pain-free life by calling the center or booking your appointment online.

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