Painful intercourse After Menopause? Get Relief with MonaLisa Touch


Are you nearing menopause or are already in this stage and are starting to find sex to be painful? Dryness and pain during sex can quickly make your love life to be dull and boring. If hormone therapy and surgical procedures are not in your preference list of solutions, there is good news for you. MonaLisa Touch is a leading minimally invasive surgery that has remarkable success in vagina revitalization and restoring enjoyable sexual function. Dr. Michael Cho and his team at University Reproductive Associates have years of experience and modern equipment to help you continue enjoying being in bed with your partner.

Why Sex May Hurt After Menopause

Low estrogen levels is the cause of post-menopausal intercourse pain (vulvovaginal atrophy). Estrogen helps your reproductive system to function including lubricating the vagina so that you can have painless sex. The hormone also helps in the repair of damaged vaginal lining cells.

Your vagina may itch and have a burning sensation when estrogen levels decline. These symptoms may get worse with sexual intercourse. About 50% of women in the post-menopausal stage experience vulvovaginal atrophy. Other symptoms of the condition include:

  • Lowered libido
  • Redness in the vulva
  • Tearing of the labial skin
  • Sagging or stretched labia
  • Frequent incontinence

These problems can make you avoid sex, which worsens the condition since regular sex promotes blood flow to the vagina to help prevent tissue thinning.

Relieve Painful Sex After Menopause Using Monalisa Touch

Use of moisturizers, lubricants, and hormone therapy can help relieve painful sex after menopause. However, these methods provide temporary relief, which is why we recommend MonaLisa Touch. This non-invasive treatment method offers a gentle way to deal with vaginal symptoms including laxity, pain, and dryness, which are common after menopause. Your gynecologist will stimulate the natural healing process in your body by using a fractional CO2 laser to deliver beams of energy into the vaginal tissue. The use of laser energy also helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, to enhance the health of vaginal tissue.

The procedure is painless and each session lasts for less than 5 minutes. Sessions are spaced by six weeks. There is no downtime after your treatment. Your doctor will recommend you wait for two days before having sex. You may experience minor swelling and sensitivity after the procedure, which can make sex to be uncomfortable. You can expect to notice some improvement after the first session.

Complications of Painful Sex After Menopause

Painful sex can significantly affect your relationship with your partner, besides denying you sexual pleasure. Both of you should discuss the situation since you need your partner’s support and encouragement during treatment.

Your body goes through significant changes during menopause, with some not being so pleasant. Those mood swings and hot flashes can make you have a miserable sex life. We believe that painful intercourse does not have to become part of your life. Visit your experienced physician to learn more about how MonaLisa Touch can help improve your life in the bedroom once more.

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