Pest Control Services


Pests are a common issue for many homeowners. Pest types are varied and can include insects such as termites and animals such as rats. No matter if it’s bugs, rodents, or some other type of animal, when you have a pest problem you want it handled as soon as possible. Prolonged pest infestations can lead to issues such as structural damage, damage to the exterior of your home, and the spread of disease. While some pest issues can be handled with over-the-counter solutions, severe infestations require professional assistance to fully remove the invading pests.

Signs You Need Pest Control Services

If you have pest issues there will be signs you can look out for that are hard to miss.

  • Strange Noises: pests often end up in the walls, under the floorboards, or in the attic. Strange sounds such as scratching, squeaking, and buzzing are all signs that a pest animal has taken up residence in your home.
  • Damage To Furniture: pests such as termites and rats chew, gnaw, and generally damage furniture and possessions throughout your home. Damage to wood, rips to fabric, and frayed power cables indicate that you should contact a professional to see what the underlying issue is.
  • Damage To Your Home’s Interior or Exterior: other types of damage to look out for include holes around your property, damage to your gutter system, discoloration on the exterior and interior of your home, damage to walls, and damage to floorboards.
  • Strange Smells: as pests infest your home they start generating waste which collects in various areas such as the attic and crawlspace, which can lead to strange smells. Animal waste products can often be very potent, and any odd smells you cannot place can be a sign of a pest animal.

If you see or hear any of the above issues, you should contact a pest professional to assist in the removal of any pest intrusion and also provide services to ensure the pests do not return. Here are some of the best pest service providers located worldwide and what they offer their customers.


Established in 1987 Pelias prides itself on providing residents of Norway with the best in pest control services and advice. A fully certified pest control company, Pelias is also a part of Terminix a worldwide leader in pest control services. They assist homeowners with not only pest control but also clean-up, radon testing, food safety, and hygiene. They are also known for having locations across Norway making them available to assist nationwide.

Zealand Pestilence Service

Zealand Pestilence Service is a pest specialist who specializes in all manner of pest animals including insects, rats, moles, and more. Serving the broader Zealand area in Denmark they assist homeowners and businesses with all their pest problems and offer subscription services for continued pest service needs. They also offer 24-hour service in case of an emergency as some pest issues can’t wait.

Pest Protect

London-based Pest Protect provides home and business owners with services targeting common pests such as insects, birds, and rodents. They are noted for focusing on the health of all their clients and strive to meet the highest standards for safety. In addition to pest control, they offer COVID-19 fogging to help protect homes and businesses from all variants of the ailment. To find out more information about the three forms of pest control, visit this website:

PureGuard Pest Solutions

A proud local business PureGuard Pest Solutions provides pest control for the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. They focus on providing fast efficient service and ensuring pests do not return through customized preventative planning. They help with all manner of local pests, including rats, snakes, termites, and other insects.

Final Thoughts

Regular maintenance is an important part of homeownership. Pest control is an important upkeep item and when you detect any pest activity it should be addressed as soon as possible. The best pest control specialist will provide expert care, remove the pests safely, and prevent their return. Being proactive with pest issues can prevent more extensive (and expensive) repairs in the future.

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