Pre-planning a Funeral: What You Should Know


Whilst no one wants to pre-plan a funeral, you will find that the activity is really not much different than drawing up a will. You are simply making sure that your final wishes are honoured. You will also keep the burden of planning your funeral from being placed on your loved ones. Planning, if possible, should be done ahead of time to ensure that your wishes are met and that your family can be left to grieve when the time comes.

Environmental Amenities

The good news is that funerals today can be arranged by a cheap funeral company in Dursley that is focused on the environment. Funeral homes now offer the following environmental amenities:

  • Coffins can be designed that are made from ecological products, such as willow and similar materials.
  • Burial is considered to be “greener” than cremation because no smoke is created.
  • Woodland burials are now being planned, which involve the planting of a tree instead the placement of a headstone.

Establish a Legacy that Supports the Environment

Funeral companies that are environmentally responsible also use recycled paper for their stationery. In addition, hearses are powered with biodiesel fuels and the chapel of rest is solar-powered. If you want to establish a legacy that supports the environment, pre-plan your funeral service with a funeral company that believes in practicing green activities.

When pre-planning a service, you may also be interested in focusing on a theme. This is not something your family could do easily if they planned your service at the last minute. Maybe you would like to base your funeral on a favourite hobby? If so, you can make arrangements that reflect this idea.

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