Professional Behavioral Health Services in San Pedro, CA


In the US, about half of the adult population will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime. The medical staff of Harbor Community Health Centers offers effective San Pedro mental health services. The expert medical team here takes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care by working together to record and recommend medications and therapy that will suit you based on your mental health condition and past medical & family history. The clinicians want to make sure that every individual takes part in the decision-making process of their medication. Restore or enhance your life quality by scheduling an appointment today through mobile or go online.

What Is Involved In A Behavioral Health Evaluation?

There are different types of behavioral health problems that can impact how well an individual interacts with others. Confusion, extreme feelings of anger, depression, panic, anxiety, various types of phobias, post-traumatic stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are the most commonly known. Behavioral health evaluations can help in uncovering mental health issues that may otherwise go undiagnosed. With the right diagnosis, you will better cope with the frustration and stress you sometimes face while at work or taking care of your family.  Good mental health care is as essential as quality physical care.

When Does Depression Cause Alarm?

Everyone experiences feelings of depression on an occasional basis. However, it can become a problem when the feelings of sadness don’t seem to go away. Sadness causes feelings of worthlessness, frustration, and a lack of self-esteem. When it comes to clinical depression, people who cannot shake feelings of sadness or start to contemplate self-harm or suicide should immediately get medical attention. Thoughts of deep depression or suicide that don’t go away are not typical and should never be ignored. Understanding the cause of depression and how an individual thinks is vital when determining a diagnosis. The staff at Harbor Community Health Centers are experienced in providing professional behavioral health.

Can You Manage Anger?

Anger management treatment plans can help an individual with aggression issues understand what is causing their outbursts and what can be done to rectify the issue. Unsolved emotional problems and frustration over stuff out of a person’s control can result in angry outbursts. Addressing unsolved emotional stress and learning how to cope with frustration are ways that anger management treatment plans are used to help individuals overcome their emotional baggage.

Harbor Community Health Centers provides medication, counseling, and behavioral therapies to give you the essential tools that every individual requires to work through their emotional problems. Even after medication, the specialists conduct follow-ups on their patients to ensure they take on a different turn of their lives. Their procedures address the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of their patients.

To sum up, Harbor Community Health Centers’ medical staff in San Pedro, CA, strive to offer quality services for a wide range of mental conditions. Do not let depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder take a toll on your life quality. For an extensive evaluation, schedule an appointment with your provider through mobile or go online.


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