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Maintaining good vision is essential to living a life of optimal health. That said, you should partner with a proficient eye specialist to ensure you prevent severe eye complications. Hell’s Kitchen comprehensive ophthalmologist Russel Levine, MD, offers top-tier eye care services to patients of all ages. Book your consultation today to realize a lifetime of visual wellness through every stage of life.

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About Practice

Board-certified ophthalmologist Russel Levine, MD, specializes in cataract surgery and eye care. In his solo-private practice, Dr. Levine meets people of all ages within the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.

Russel Levine and his team comprehend the importance of maximizing time spent with patients. They offer a personalized approach to medicine, listening to patients’ grievances to fully respond to their questions.

Besides flexibility, Russell Levine, MD, approaches medicine with purpose and confidence. Their unique approach to medicine optimizes both the quantity and quality of care they offer, minimizing most of the conventional administrative and economic obstacles to care.

Around the clock availability of care is significant to the practice. Being patient advocates, they remain accessible 24/7 if need be. They recommend that patients partake in follow-ups by text, phone, or email for additional questions and needs.

You can find both traditional eye exams and urgent care at Russel Levine, MD. They offer diagnosis, treatment, and management services for conditions such as blepharitis, dry eye, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts, including cataract surgery.

What They Offer

Make an appointment with Russell Levine, MD, for multiple high-class services, including:

  • Dry Eye Specialist- Dry eye is a common condition for most Americans. Without treatment, chronic dry eyes can be painful and disruptive. If you suspect having this condition, contact ophthalmologist Russell Levine, MD, for efficient care.
  • Eye Exam Specialist- If you notice changes in your vision, it would be appropriate for you to schedule an eye exam appointment. Russel Levine, MD, offers comprehensive medical eye exams, considering your health history and treatment goals.
  • Cataract Surgery Specialist- About three million Americans undergo cataract surgery annually. This effective treatment aims to preserve your vision and enhance your life quality. Contact Russel Levine, MD, for quality cataract surgery using multifocal, premium intraocular lenses, and toric lenses.
  • Eye Urgent Care Specialist- If you encounter an eye emergency such as trauma or a chemical splash while cleaning, schedule an eye urgent care appointment immediately. If you or a loved one suffers an eye-related complication, contact Russel Levine, MD, to schedule a consultation.
  • Glaucoma Specialist- If you suffer from glaucoma, it would be essential to participate in regular checkups and eye exams. Glaucoma can get severe without proper treatment, causing blindness. Reach out to Russell Levine, MD, for customized, attentive glaucoma care.
  • Macular Degeneration Specialist- Experts suspect many Americans suffer from age-related macular degeneration, causing more vision loss than glaucoma and cataracts. Ophthalmologist Russell Levine works with patients to diagnose and manage retina complications, including macular degeneration.

To access efficient eye care services from a qualified expert, schedule a consultation with ophthalmologist Russell Levine for excellent vision. Call the offices to speak to a compassionate provider or book online.

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