Qualities to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon


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Unless you get a referral from a friend, it can be very difficult to know which plastic surgeon to choose. If you choose a bad one, you will have to look at your mistake in the mirror for the rest of your life.

There are certain characteristics that a good plastic surgeon should have. The following are the qualities to search for in a plastic surgeon:

Board Certification

First and foremost, you should ensure that your plastic surgeon is board-certified. The board responsible for regulating the plastic surgery industry in America is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Board certification is important because it conveys that the plastic surgeon’s credentials have been found worthy by his/her peers. It also shows that they achieved the necessary requirements to become a plastic surgeon.

To ascertain this, you can simply log on to the ASPS website and check if a plastic surgeon is on the list. Once you are sure of this, you can proceed to other matters.


When it comes to modifying people’s faces and bodies, you want someone who has done it as many times as possible before they do it to you. You should look for a plastic surgeon who has at least five years’ experience in the profession.

The date of board-certification should offer a clear time as to when the plastic surgeon started practicing. You should also consult with previous patients to ascertain this.

Ultimately, you should evaluate the experience of the plastic surgeon based on the procedure you want to be done. Not all plastic procedures are created equal so experience with your procedure makes a substantial difference.


You should visit previous patients of the plastic surgeon to find out what patients truly think of him or her. The reviews on the plastic surgeon’s website or business rating sites like Yelp are good sources of reviews.

If a doctor has mainly negative reviews, it is a clear indication that they are of poor quality. They are especially helpful when determining the compassion, communication, and mannerisms of the plastic surgeon.

Granted, there are purely negative people out there so strive for as many reviews as possible for the highest accuracy.


What most people want to know about plastic surgeons is if they are good at what they do. In fact, there are many people that are willing to bypass safety precautions just to get quality work done.

The best way to ensure a plastic surgeon’s skill is to evaluate his/her patients’ before and after pictures. The good thing about plastic surgery is that the results of the procedure are clear for everyone to see.

There should be a difference between the before and after pictures if the procedures were effective. However, the after pictures need to show off as natural an appearance as possible.

An impressive portfolio of results is a necessity in this regard.

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