Quality Medical Skincare for a Healthy Looking You


What do you like about your skin? It is the largest body organ that says a lot about you, more than you can imagine, especially about your health state and age. A healthy, glowing, and smooth skin is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, our skin is prone to many challenges, including injuries, sunburns, infections, and it is not always that easy to maintain healthy skin, but it is possible. With the right diet, daily skincare routine, skin protection from environmental factors, among other measures, it comes a long way to helping you achieve beautiful skin. Also, if you are having skin diseases and infections or skin defects, a dermatologist should be your friend. Northstar Dermatology is a skin health practice that provides solutions to all your skin problems, including skin cancer screenings in Fort Worth, Texas.

Led by Dr. Amir Aboutalebi, MD, and a board-certified dermatologist, Northstar Dermatology is dedicated to changing and improving people’s lives by offering comprehensive skin care medicine. Together with his team, they care and love their patients, providing them with practical and quality care full of compassion. They understand and value every patient’s needs and strive to provide personalized care to them. They are highly skilled and have high levels of expertise in providing extensive care to skin conditions, including acne, age spots, warts, eczema, dermatitis, sun damage, genital lesions, among others. The patients are confident in their services, for they offer results that exceed their expectations.

Northstar Dermatology team is highly experienced and uses the most advanced and latest technology to offer effective diagnostic and treatment options, including laser therapies for skin rejuvenation. Their offices are modern, giving patients a comfortable environment while receiving their treatments. The medical and surgical dermatology specialists are experienced for all your skin treatments, including minimally invasive and surgical procedures. The whole team is friendly and welcoming to their patients, always ready to assist them and make them feel like part of their family. In addition to the treatments, they also offer education to their patients on maintaining healthy skin and skin testing for cancerous cells for prevention purposes.

They offer services such as:

Age spots

Age spots appear as you grow old, mostly due to sun damage. Eliminate age spots today only by visiting Northstar Dermatology, the home to dermatology specialists.


Acne is a significant and common skin issue among many individuals across the world. If your acne can’t seem to go away even when not at the puberty stage, your solution might be just on the way. Call Northstar Dermatology today or book your appointment online for a consultation.

Northstar Dermatology believes in providing efficient and compassionate skin medical care that fits your unique and individual needs. As they say, you should wear your skin proud; they are committed to making that possible for everyone by providing adequate and quality skin treatments. Dr. Amir, MD, and the team at Northstar Dermatology are experienced and have a lot of skin rejuvenation and treatment procedures. They use advanced diagnostic services and treatments to offer comprehensive customized care. They are caring for all their patients while maintaining their professionalism. They provide all skin treatments, including dermatitis, wrinkles, rashes, moles, warts, psoriasis, among others. Visit them today in Fort Worth, Texas, for healthy and beautiful skin. 

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