Quality Vein Care and General Surgery Services in Texas


Good health is an invaluable gift in life that we should be grateful for. Health check-ups and healthy lifestyle habits all go in hand with ensuring you maintain wellness and prevent you from getting infections and diseases. Our whole-body health is essential for the proper functioning of our lives’ daily routines. We should invest in good quality healthcare services to cater to all our health needs. Desert West Vein & Surgery Center specializes in providing vein care treatments to improve people’s lives. The El Paso general surgery center offers safe and effective surgical procedures to meet all patients’ needs.

Led by Atur, Kasha, DO, and a board-certified general surgeon, the practice provides compassionate and comprehensive services serving their patients in El Paso, Texas. Dr. Kasha is highly educated with a medical degree from Des Moines University Medical School and later served as a chief surgical resident at Garden City Hospital in Michigan. Besides other leadership roles, he also served as vice president of the Department of Surgery at Sierra Medical Center. He currently serves on the board of directors at El Paso Day Surgery Center. Dr. Kasha leads the highly skilled team at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center in offering standard and outstanding care that exceeds patients’ expectations.

The dedicated team values their patients and strives to offer them compassionately, individualized care to meet all their health concerns. Their goal is to ensure every patient is content with their services and medical options. They have experience and training in diagnosing and treating vascular and spider vein problems. Each patient is served at their own time, giving them ample time to develop the best treatments with the best possible results. They offer expert care for leg pain, leg swelling, leg wounds, restless leg syndrome, spider veins, varicose veins, among others. They also offer therapeutic options for effective results, fast recovery, and improved life quality.

They offer services such as

Leg swelling

Leg swelling indicates a vascular problem, hence seeking treatment is essential. The team of experts at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center offers effective diagnosis and treatments to treat the swelling and lower the risk of severe complications. Visit them today to learn more about their services.

Peripheral arterial disease

The significant signs of this disease include pain and numbness. Dr. Kasha, a board-certified surgeon, leads the team at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center in providing extensive treatments to relieve pain and offer long-lasting results.

Desert West Vein & Surgery specializes in offering efficient services including varicose veins, spider veins, general surgery, leg swelling, leg wound care, among other services. Led by Atur Kasha, a board-certified surgeon, the team is highly skilled and qualified in providing standard treatments and services to promote health and improve people’s lives. They focus on providing services that satisfy patients’ needs beyond their expectations. They are caring and human, striving to ensure they cater to the patient’s needs. They are friendly and welcoming, providing a comfortable environment for their patients. For any vascular health issues, visit them today in El Paso, Texas, for exceptional services.

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