Quick Guide to Recovery After Sports Injuries


A sporting injury is an unfortunate event. The injury limits you from engaging in what you love most and can be quite uncomfortable due to the pain. Therefore, if living in The Woodlands, getting treatment from a pain specialist who understands the best remedies in managing sports injuries is a bold step for you. You can get a spine, sports, and interventional pain specialist in The Woodlands, TX, and they are just a call away.

However, after a sports injury, you need to take caution during and after the treatment to promote better recovery.

The Injuries

There are several sports injuries that you can sustain following the accident. These include head injuries, shoulder, back, heel, and even neck pain. Additionally, you may also develop sprains, tendonitis, hamstring injuries, and even develop a concussion. The treatment option depends on the kind of injuries you sustain and their intensity.

Treatment First

Your specialist can integrate a holistic medical approach, coupled with regenerative prescription as a mode of treatment. The regenerative medicine technique seeks to replace, repair, and even renew body cells and tissues damaged by the injuries. As a result, the therapy addresses the root cause of the problem, thus, improving your chances of a faster recovery.

The R.I.C.E Approach

After a sports injury, one of the essential considerations to make is to avoid intensifying the damage and developing another injury. Consequently, integrate the resting, ice application, compression methods, and even elevation to alleviate the pain and swelling.

Doctor’s Go Ahead

Another essential aspect after a sports injury is to embark on sporting activities only after your doctor’s approval. It is critical to note that getting back to the field before complete healing is detrimental to your progress. Do not assume that you have fully recovered when you no longer feel inflammation in your body muscles and tissues. Your specialist can also advocate for a different healthy diet. Such foods can include protein-rich foods and supplements that enhance the repairs and replacement of body muscles.

Additionally, incorporating a higher intake of vitamin-c rich foods will help stimulate more collagen production that will help skin tightening during healing. Moreover, you can also increase the consumption of antioxidant-rich foods that will alleviate inflammation tendencies in your muscles and tissues.

Mental Preparation

Surround yourself with positive energy from your pain intervention specialist, family, and even friends. Additionally, prepare yourself psychologically to the fact you will avoid exercise for a while before you recover. You can also talk about the incident as a form of dealing with it mentally.

Most importantly, do not let the unfortunate incident hold you back from pursuing your hobbies. As long as you embark on low-impact exercises as you gradually integrate into high impact exercises, you are safe.

Additionally, be gentle on yourself and understand what caused the previous accident and eliminate triggers and environmental factors that will influence the same experience. If you feel any pain when you embark on your sporting activities, no matter how insignificant, pause the exercises, and inform your specialist.

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