Reasons to Embrace Orthodontic Treatment


Do you have misaligned teeth that can be quite unpleasant to look at when smiling? With orthodontic treatment from highly trained professionals like Dana Samet DDS, you can reclaim the beauty in having beautifully aligned teeth.

When to Seek Orthodontic Treatment

There are several factors which can give rise to seeking the services of an orthodontic specialist. These may include having difficulties in breathing or even swallowing. Additionally, you may tend to experience frequent instances of crossbites. A crossbite occurs when your upper teeth bite the upper part of your lower teeth.

You may also have teeth overcrowding, which can limit you from properly closing your mouth.

A common sign when seeking treatment is when you have deep overbites in your mouth. An overbite occurs when your front teeth on the lower jaw bite your mouth tissue on your upper jaw’s side.

Furthermore, with the overcrowding, you may also have distortion of your face and mouth. Moreover, another reason to seek an orthodontist specialist is when you have incredibly protruding upper teeth. You may also experience an open bite, where your teeth in the upper jaw and lower jaw don’t have contact even when you close your mouth.

Consequently, with improper misalignment, you tend to experience difficulties either in talking or eating food. You may also experience instances of underbite when your lower jaw is typically longer than your upper jaw. 

With different dental problems, orthodontic treatment is a reliever. Depending on your specific needs, your dentist will address the best course of action.

Proper Biting Habits

Thanks to orthodontics, overbite, underbite, cross bite, and even open bites will be a thing of the past. The misalignment of your jaws can be quite uncomfortable causing biting problems.

Self Confidence Boost

How pleasant is it to open and close your mouth with ease, while you previously couldn’t? After orthodontics treatment, your teeth have proper alignment. As a result, you experience improved functionality of your mouth and teeth in speaking, chewing, and biting. Not to forget, it also streamlines your facial symmetry by correcting the distortion.

Jawbone Protection

With teeth misalignment, you can hurt your jaw bone, as well. What does this mean for you? The upper or lower jawbone can suffer an impact when the opposite facing teeth hit the jaw from the wrong angle. Additionally, with the misalignment, other adequately aligned teeth also face pressure. The outcome is bone erosion, which distorts your facial structure.

Better Dental Care

When you have misaligned and crowded teeth, food particles tend to stick between the spaces. This creates an uphill task to reach such angles in your mouth when your dental arrangement is not straight. With food accumulation, bacteria act on the mass, leading to the development of the plaque.

Consequently, your enamel undergoes erosion, which leads to the development of tooth decay. Orthodontic braces or Invisalign will rectify the misalignment, thus, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Plus, think of an attractive beautiful smile. You don’t have to constantly worry about people looking at your teeth misalignment with an awkward stare.

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