Scorpion Control: Making Sure Scorpions do not find your Home Attractive


It can be traumatic to find a scorpion, especially an Arizona Bark scorpion in your home. And, unfortunately, one scorpion usually translates into a nest of scorpions. They do not often travel on their own. Therefore, for every scorpion you see, there are usually at least five or six other scorpions hiding somewhere in your home.

There are between 70 and 75 different species of scorpion in North America. Only one scorpion’s venom, the Arizona Bark scorpion, is considered dangerous to human beings. However, it is also worth noting that even the most harmless scorpion’s sting can still be extremely painful. Therefore, it is best to avoid scorpions and to remove them from your living environment.

It is essential to note that scorpions, like all household pests, play a vital role in the natural world’s ecosystem. And it is not a good idea to use poison that kills them indiscriminately. General poisons also have the potential to harm domestic animals as well as the people living in your home. Consequently, it is essential to speak with a pest control company like the Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control company to ensure that they use eco-friendly and targeted poisons to only remove the scorpions from your home and not your local environment.

Removing scorpion nests from your living environment is not the only part of controlling scorpions and other pests in your home, it is equally important to “scorpion-proof” your home to ensure that they do not return. 

Here are a few measures to implement to ensure that scorpions do not find your home attractive: 

Water and moisture 

Scorpions can go for a year without food and water for a year. However, they are attracted to standing water and leaking taps or hosepipes. It’s important to note that most of the scorpions living in North America live in desert areas, primarily in the states of western Arizona, southern Nevada, and California. Even though they have adapted to living in extremely dry conditions, they are still attracted to water. Consequently, it is crucial to fix leaking taps or hoses and to clear away standing water pools. 


Scorpions are carnivores, and they eat other insects, especially roaches, termites, spiders, and beetles. If you do not keep your living environment pest free, scorpions will be attracted to the readily available food source. Thus, it is essential not to leave food lying around that attracts other pests like roaches and other pests.


During the hot summer days, scorpions are likely to look for cool shaded areas out of the hot sun. They can get into your home through cracks as thin as a credit card and will usually find undisturbed areas to hide in. They are nocturnal; therefore, hunt at night. However, should they be disturbed, they will strike. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that there are no cracks in your home that scorpions can use to find cool, shading resting spots.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the many tips you can implement to make sure that scorpions do not find your home attractive and move in. While they have a role to play in the natural ecosystem, it is not a good idea to have them living with you in your home. Being stung by a scorpion is very painful, and in the worst case, can lead to the loss of life, both human and domestic animal.

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