Seeing a Family Doctor: The Ultimate Way to Save Your Health, Time and Money


Whether you have developed signs of diabetes, need a wellness checkup, or having a panic attack, a family practice doctor is the first person you run to. They are your point of contact if you want to get a referral for specialized treatment and other emergency services. The best part is a family doctor caters to each of your family’s needs in one or multiple visits. If you are based in Chamblee and its environs and require family practice services, the Lenox Medical Clinic will be ready to assist you.

Here are some reasons why having your family doctors’ number on speed dial can be fruitful:

  1.     Family practice doctors monitor your medical history

As a patient, the last thing you need is to run from one doctor to another each time you have a medical concern. It is possible for your medical records to get lost, while in some cases, your new doctor might not get to understand you in person. Now that a family doctor treats patients of all ages, it is easy to monitor your family’s health history during your visits. Family doctors see the same patients for years, making it easier to track their patient’s health history.

  1.     Family doctors offer more treatment options

Unless your medical issue needs emergency services, a family doctor can attend to you. Family doctors are not trained to diagnose and treat diseases. Instead, they also take part in monitoring your life cycle and educate you on good lifestyle habits. In some cases, they might also perform surgical procedures depending on their training background.

  1.     They are the best people to consult for referrals

While a family doctor might not have medical training to offer specialized care, people rely on them for referrals for advanced care. For example, if you see your family doctor for chronic back pain, they might prescribe medications to help you feel better. But, when your pain persists, they will refer you to back pain specialists such as chiropractors, spine specialists, or physiotherapists. The next time you want an expert opinion from someone you trust, rely on your family doctor.

  1.     Saving you time and money

Imagine scheduling an appointment with a pediatrician and a geriatric-care specialist for your aging mother, and the visits fall on the same day. Such an arrangement will make you spend so much money and time trying to beat the traffic. The good news is, a family doctor can provide primary care for teenagers, children, seniors, and adults. Scheduling a one-day visit with your family not only saves time but also allows you to spend less.

Are you ready for your next appointment with your family doctor?

Now that you have known the perks that come with being close to a family doctor, the final step you need to take is finding the right one, depending on your location. When you find one that meets your health and financial needs, please make a point of retaining them. To learn more about family practice services, schedule a consultation with your doctor today.

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