Sexual Health


Your sexual health plays a pivotal role in your emotional and physical well-being. It involves more than being free from sexually transmitted diseases and preventing unwanted pregnancies. For good sexual health, you need a positive attitude regarding sex and your sexuality. You need to embrace the enjoyable and sexual experience you have in every stage of life. With so many sexual health clinics in Sandy springs, visiting one could do more good than harm. Whether you are dealing with low libido or need ways to enhance your sexual experiences and pleasure, visiting a clinic specializing in sexual health in Sandy Springs can benefit you.

What Can Affect Your Sexual Health?

Both psychological and physical problems have an impact on your sexual health. They can make it hard for you to engage in satisfying sexual activities. They can significantly affect your sexual desire, arousal, and even your ability to reach orgasm.

Physical Problems

Some health problems can affect your sexual health. Conditions such as diabetes, hormone imbalance, circulation problems, and neurological conditions are good examples. They can cause sexual issues like erectile dysfunction in men and pain during penetration or vaginal dryness in women.

Psychological Problems

Psychological problems have a considerable impact on your sexual health. They are harder to deal with as compared to physical issues. Some examples of psychological problems that can affect your sexual health include anxiety, stress, and depression. If you have a difficult relationship or are experiencing issues with your partner, you can also experience a drop in your sexual desire and satisfaction. Traumarelated to past sexual abuse experiences is another prevalent psychological problem that affects your sexual health.

What Are Sexual Health Treatments?


Medications are mainly used to treat men dealing with sexual health problems. After diagnosis, a doctor can recommend phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, including Cialis and Viagra. They can also prescribe PDE5 injections to help you overcome your problems and restore good sexual health.

Shock Wave Therapy

If you are a man who has erectile dysfunction, you can benefit from extracorporeal shock wave therapy administered by a sexual health professional. During this non-invasive procedure, the doctor uses a tool that produces high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to enhance circulation in your genitals. It also stimulates the development of new nerves and blood vessels which can help you get better sensations and erection when sexually aroused. This therapy can also help treat Peyronie’s disease, which causes your penis to curve.

PRP Injections

You may already know of PRP therapy and the benefits it offers when battling the effects of aging. Research now shows that PRP injections in your genital organs can benefit your sexual health. PRP injections function by improving circulation and sexual pleasure and enhancing tissue health for more widespread effects.


This non-invasive treatment can help you improve your sexual health if vaginal dryness, laxity, or pain makes it hard to have great sexual experiences. By using radiofrequency energy, it can stimulate the production of collagen in your genitals for improved strength, moisture, and flexibility.

In summary, sexual health affects your physical and emotional well-being. Different physical and psychological issues can affect your sexual health. Some sexual health treatments include PRP injections for both sexes. ThermiVa can help women deal with vaginal pain, dryness, and laxity, while shock wave therapy helps men with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. Different medications can also help.

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