Situations That May Warrant Emergency Dental Services


A typical trip to the dentist requires you to wait in a queue for a while. However, with San Ramon Emergency Dentistry, the experience is different. You will not have to wait for an appointment, especially when you have a severe toothache, damaged crown, or lose a permanent tooth. Dental emergencies may result in excruciating pain, making life unbearable. Since you do not know when you might have an emergency dental issue, you must have a plan. Emergency dentistry might help you out, especially if you have an issue like a knocked-out tooth that might have a timely window of opportunity.

Why would you need emergency dentistry?

Most dental injuries happen when you bite on hard foods and other physical accidents like sports activities. You are likely to have minor oral injuries like loose crowns that might wait until your dentist’s working hours for medical attention in such occurrences. However, you might need emergency dental treatment when the case is a severe dental injury like nerve damage. Dental issues that might force you to seek your dentist’s emergency services include:

  • Broken, loose, dislodged, or knocked-out teeth.
  • Constant and unbearable oral pain
  • Uncontrollable oral bleeding
  • Severe abscess or oral infection
  • Bite your tongue
  • Split your lip open

How likely are you to benefit from emergency dental care?

Focusing on your overall health tends to make you forget about your dental health. As a result, you find yourself taking action when you have had enough. Seeking emergency dental services from your dentist when you have dental problems like injured jaws or painful swelling in your mouth might prevent the situation from advancing to a severe state. Emergency dentistry has several benefits. They include:

Convenience. Unlike a typical dentist who operates on his working hours, you can always access emergency dentistry services at any time, including the odd hours. As such, you do not have to wait until your appointment day before you get help. The availability of such services might help minimize severe health effects. You have a surety that you can contact your dentist for immediate attention when seeking emergency dental care.

Ensures your overall oral health. Some dental infections and diseases, especially those targeting your tooth’s roots or gums, might end up getting complicated if you ignore them.

Helps minimize pain. Dental pains are traumatizing and may prevent you from enjoying your favorite meal or smiling. Emergency dental services in such instances might help relieve you from pain, letting you enjoy your everyday activities. In unique cases like pregnancy, where your dentist may not suggest an extraction, the professional might prescribe appropriate pain-relieving medication to help with the painful symptoms.

Dental emergencies have no specific time. You will know your dental issue is an emergency case if it cannot wait until your doctor’s operation hours. Do not let traumatizing tooth pain or a severe abscess affect your general health when you can contact your dentist for an emergency dental service. To know more about emergency dentistry, schedule an appointment with your doctor today.

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