Some Safety Tips for Bicyclists


Bicycle accidents are quite common in Los Angeles. These accidents occur due to several reasons. A large number of bicyclists get involved in accidents due to their fault. There are others, who get injured due to accidents taking place because of poor road conditions. Accidents may also occur due to faulty bicycle parts. Additionally, several accidents take place when larger vehicles like buses, trucks, or cars hit bicycles. 

This write-up presents a few tips that will allow you to remain safe when riding a bicycle. Following these tips will not only prevent accidents but will also ensure that you don’t incur any serious injury even if an accident occurs. Read on to know more. 

Always Wear a Helmet When Riding 

The law of the land doesn’t require any adult cyclist to wear a helmet unless they are a delivery person or bike messenger. We also cannot deny that there are both advantages and disadvantages of wearing helmets when riding. However, still, it would be a wise decision if you wear helmets whenever you ride a bicycle. That’s because statistics reveal that the risk of serious injuries reduces by 85% if cyclists wear head protection. 

Be Defensive When Riding 

You must act defensively when riding a bicycle. Always keep the head up. If you ride with your eyes on the ground, your chances of colliding with a pedestrian or another approaching vehicle will increase significantly. Keeping the head up will allow you to have a clear idea of what’s happening around you. This will make avoiding hits and collisions much easier for you. 

You should not increase your speed too much. Riding at an excessively high speed will not allow you to stop if a vehicle or pedestrian suddenly arrives in front of you. Defensive riding is the key to quick stops or easy maneuvering. 

Your Bike Must Be in Good Shape

We are not asking you to purchase an overly priced bicycle. However, you should also not settle for something too cheap. Make sure the product you are choosing boasts a good design and is suitable for your weight and body size. Maintaining a bike is also crucial. The brakes must work, and the tires must be inflated properly. Los Angeles bike injury attorneys find it easier to win hefty compensation for cyclists who take good care of their bicycles. 

Choose Your Clothing Wisely 

Irrespective of the time of the day you are riding, try to wear outfits that fit you well. When riding during the day, wear bright-colored clothing. Don’t forget to wear reflective gear when riding at night. Never wear dark-colored clothing when riding in the dark. Doing so will make it difficult for drivers of other vehicles to spot you on the road. Go for outfits that are light in color. Also, keep the red taillight and white headlight of your bicycle on when riding after sunset. 

Final Words 

If you abide by the tips above, you are unlikely to have an accident when riding your bicycle. Even if an accident occurs, you will not develop any serious head injury. Chances of fatality and permanent disability will also be reduced.

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