South Carolina Healthcare Center Offers Detailed Information on Varicose Veins


Varicose veins are just like every other vein that appear blue or purple below the skin layer. The factor that differentiates them from the other veins is that they appear twisted and sometimes swollen in some areas. When you notice such changes in the veins lying under your skin, then it is time to look for a healthcare provider. 

Espinoza Vein institute is a healthcare center that is located in Newberry and is known for diagnosing all kinds of veins or bloodstream issues. You can find the best options in the world of varicose vein treatment in South Carolina here. You can either visit their healthcare center and get yourself checked or can book an appointment by visiting their official webpage. 

How varicose veins differ from spider veins 

Both the varicose and spider veins come under the category of venous disease, and yet they are different from one another. 

Spider veins are the veins that appear smaller than the other veins and will look just like a branch of a tree or a spider web lying under your skin. The veins will be red or blue colored. They can appear on any part of the body and there are no particularities to any body part in this case. 

Varicose veins will appear just in the legs or feet. These veins will be comparatively thicker and can be easily distinguished from the other normal veins lying under the skin layer. the veins will be painful and swollen at some points. You can find the thick and swollen veins that are twisted here and there and understand that they are varicose veins and get diagnosed immediately. 


  • Throbbing, burning, swelling, and muscle cramping in the legs. 
  • A sense of heaviness in your legs. 
  • Skin discoloration at some points in the feet or legs. 
  • A Worsening condition or painful situation after standing for some time. 


The main cause of varicose veins is damaged or weak valves. The work of the veins in the body is to work against gravity and carry blood from different body parts to the heart. The valves present in the blood capillaries will pump the blood so that veins will get a booster to carry blood against gravity. When the valve or capillaries in veins weaken, it will lead to the reverse flow of blood in veins resulting in varicose veins. 

Risk factors that are included in varicose veins mainly include pregnancy, age, sex, and so on. Hence, it is suggested to get treated every time you feel like your skin layer on the feet or leg is bulged or swollen at some places. 

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